Super Smash Bros. Corrin on February 3

That’s right. According to a Twitter post by Nintendo Of America, Corrin and Bayonetta will be available internationally for DLC on February 3rd!TWITTER


This marks the 6th character from the Fire Emblem franchise to cross into the Smash Bros. universe, tying it with the world-famous Pokémon series’ characters. Mark your calendars, folks; February is a huge month for Fire Emblem!

February 3: Corrin debutes in Super Smash Bros for Wii U & Super Smash Bros for 3DSAvailable Feb 4 in JP.

February 16: Project X Zone 2 feat. Chrom & Lucina. Available Feb 12 in EU regions and Feb 19 in Australia.

February 19: Fire Emblem Fates Birthright & Fire Emblem Fates Conquest. Still no other international release dates


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  • Ayanami

    If Smash is getting this many FE reps, the series itself may go in a direction that can be on par with Pokemon. Japan will be getting them on the 4th! ^_^

    • samsneeze

      I think it’s more of a way to promote Fire Emblem If/Fates through Smash Bros. than anything.

      • Exactly my thoughts.

        Honestly, I don’t want Fire Emblem to ever become a ‘big series’. If it will, it has to appease the mainstream which means we will get even more waifushit. Seisen no Keifu handled the marriage system quite well but Awakening and Fates has the problem of making everyone able to marry everyone, which makes the relationships feel very weak and fabricated imo.

        IS should just do a SMT and Persona thing with FE.

  • Just Some Guy

    Mark your calendars, folks; February is a huge month for Fire Emblem in America!*

    I corrected it, you’re welcome.

  • Kujja

    I am still waiting for a release date xD

  • Bob Smith

    February is a big month for FE! This is going to be great, but…

    RIP Wallet ;-;