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Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Corrin Analysis

Another week, another Fire Emblem Engage info dump from the official Fire Emblem Twitter!

We’ll start with the Corrin-related info first, beginning with her profile!

Emblem Corrin (VA: Satomi Satō), known as the Emblem of Fates, possesses the blood of the First Dragons and an unbreakable heart.

Next, a video featuring some dialogue with her:

This was already available via the official website.

The next video, showcasing her abilities, is mostly new though.

Corrin is a support-focused Emblem that can use buffs and debuffs to turn the tides of battle.

Dragon Vein is a Sync skill (available by equipping Corrin) that adds special effects to the terrain. The effect depends on the unit’s battle type.

Here, Bonet is showing it off. He’s a Level 2 Great Knight with a Silver Sword and other swords in his inventory.

This scene was shown in the Topics article, which we covered here.

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Heroes: Ninja November begins on Nov 4

Much like last year, this year brings a batch of Ninjas to the fray, and also like last year, the theme of their combat includes weapons with the Brave effect. Heck, we are even receiving another Colorless Dagger Flier! This Ninja Training Banner is quickly shaping up to be one that features some mighty combatants!

Welcome alts of Igrene, male Corrin, Shinon, as well as Duo Hero unit female Corrin with partner Elise, in this banner, as well as Tempest Trials+ reward unit Shamir: Lone-Moon Ninja (a Green Axe Infantry). We also get to see the arrival of the next Duel skill in C Duel Flying 4, as well as a few other inheritable skills that are sure to appeal to some. What’s most interesting to me, is that male Corrin: Daylight Ninja Act, comes with Special Spiral 3, and is also the 4* demote unit for the banner, meaning that Blue is a pretty good color to pull on if you’re looking for some budget-but-valuable skill inheritance fodder.

The Ninja Training Banner runs from November 5 through December 4, so you have plenty of time to decide if you want to take the plunge and secure yourself a new ninja or two.

For details on each unit’s skills (and even some stats), click Read More.
For the Japanese trailer, click here.

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“Fire Emblem Roundtable Vol. 3” Casual Livestream Scheduled for 21st August (Japan)

A third installment in the Fire Emblem Roundtable YouTube series will be broadcast during 21st August 2021, from 18:00 to 20:00 (Japan time).

The previous Fire Emblem Roundtable took place near the beginning of this year. Soon afterwards, an English equivalent, Castle Conversations followed.

Like previous broadcasts, Chief Fehnix will be chatting to voice actors from the series. As always, there will be no new game-related information.

On this occasion, there will be two guests.

The first one to be revealed is Juri Kimura, who’s the Japanese voice actress for Nyx, Mozu and Feh.

Update: The second guest will be Nobunaga Shimazaki, the Japanese voice actor for male Corrin and Kana.

Warriors: Characters from Fates debut in E3 Trailer

Today, Nintendo’s presence at E3 kicked off with their E3 Spotlight, which showcased a variety of upcoming Nintendo Switch titles, including Fire Emblem Warriors as expected.

The new trailer briefly touches on the game’s story and characters. Some of this information was previously covered by Famitsu, such as the royal twins and the inclusion of Marth.

Despite the obvious tease in the debut trailer, this our the first formal confirmation that Corrin (female at least), Ryoma and Xander from Fire Emblem Fates will be appearing in the game, presumably as playable characters.

That’s about it for now, but if we’re lucky, we may yet see more of Warriors at Nintendo Treehouse Live, which runs from 13th to 15th June 2017.