Fire Emblem Engage: Official Site & Topics Analysis

There was so much Fire Emblem Engage information on Tuesday, I’ve had to split the analysis in multiple parts.

If you have time, I recommend reading Part 1, where I covered the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer. Plus Part 2 where I covered Emblem Marth’s overview.


Alongside the Emblem Rings and Marth videos, Nintendo Japan shared a Topics article on their website.

This article introduces the six Emblems and features some unique screenshots.

Here’s Merrin using Override when Engaged with Sigurd. She appears as a Wolf Knight, Engaged with Lyn, in the Emblem Rings video.

Citrinne here is a Level 14 Sage with Thoron, Engaged with Celica. Their Bond Level is 20 and Celica has an additional tome. Maybe Ragnarok? You can use Ragnarok during Warp Ragnarok, but not by itself. This is the first time we’ve seen this lava map. Her foe is a Corrupted with a Flame Lance.

Speaking of Warp Ragnarok, here it is. Pandoro is Engaged with Celica this time. He’s the orange haired guy here. Currently, he’s a Level 7 High Priest (Mystical) wielding Elthunder+1. We know there’s a Smithy, so weapon forging was basically a given. There are also Body Arts and Staves in his inventory.

Also of interest, Pandoro has 4 out of 4 skills. Most characters had 1 out 3 skills. I’m guessing you gain one skill and skill slot for being in a promoted class. I bet you can probably mix and match skills, similar to recent games.

The map occurs in a desert, the same one seen here.

Actually, let’s zoom in a bit more. Sadly, the screenshot is originally quite small, so it’s hard to see who’s who.

Of note, there’s a character underneath Alear who I don’t recognise, wielding Byleth. Actually, could it be this unnamed girl? She’s also paired with Byleth there, which may not be coincidental.

I’m also unsure who the character to her right is, but it could be Goldmary (standing to the left here).

In addition, support ranks are visible for Rosado (B), Alear (C) and the unnamed character (B). Plus one of the cut-off characters along the top. Presumably they’re ranks with Pandoro.

On the topic of Byleth, here’s Seadall Engaged with Byleth. As mentioned, Seadall is a Dancer. Here, they’re Level 24 with 3 skills equipped. Maybe Dancer is a special class that can surpass Level 20? They also have a Burst Body Art equipped and access to Byleth’s Rafail Gem.

Seadall can use the Instruct Engage skill, which grants Luck +10 to allies within 2 squares. In the Emblem Rings video, Alcryst grants a Speed +5 effect instead. They also have a C support with Alear.

The units on the desert map look interesting. Near the top-left, Jade is probably this woman from the story trailer. Above Seadall, I think that could be Merrin the Wolf Knight? It looks like they’re riding a wolf and they wield a Dagger, which fits, since Merrin had a Silver Dagger.

I don’t recognise the swordie to the right of Vander, with half HP. To the right of them are two enemy Griffin Knights, I believe? We’ve seen Chloé as a Griffin Knight. These ones can use Dagger or Axe.

Update 2: Whoops, I believe those are actually enemy Wolf Knights. I thought they had wings, but it could just be a cape. Besides, they’re not flying.

Update: TipperTheScales sent me something interesting. In the Korean version of the same article, Emblem Eirika is equipped by Rosado. Eirika also appears in a few other screenshots, but this is the clearest one.

This screenshot showcases the Goddess Dance Engage skill, which refreshes 4 adjacent allies. The map here looks colourful: maybe somewhere in Solm?

It’s kind of hard to identify some of the units here. Yunaka is pretty easy: that shade of red is easy to spot and we know she’s a Thief. Below her, I think could be Merrin, mainly because she’s the only other Dagger user we know. Whoever it is, they’re Engaged with Lucina–this is the same Emblem I couldn’t identify near the start of yesterday’s analysis.

To the right of Merrin(?), Alear maybe? But it’s not too important. Further right is another character I can’t put a finger on, since they’re greyed out. Good chance it’s Citrinne or Clanne though.

This character has a dual staff icon, also seen here with Hortensia, but I didn’t notice it initially. Seems like staves will be split into supportive and offensive. Not sure why a separate icon is needed, but could be useful to know, for enemies.

Near the top, there’s an enemy Wolf Knight with a Dagger.

Bonet here is showing off Emblem Corrin’s Sync skill, Dragon Vein. He can use “Vein of Water” to create tiles that lower Avoid. Bonet himself is the blonde-haired guy seen here. Currently he’s a Level 2 Great Knight with a Silver Sword and various swords in his inventory. He only has 1 out of 3 skills though, so merely promoting doesn’t grant an extra skill/skill slot, hmmm.

The other visible ally on the map is once again Jade, the female Axe armour, with Sigurd’s ring. Looking at the cacti, this is probably the same map where we last saw her. Also, Desert reduces Movement by 3.

Meanwhile, Hortensia is showing off a different Dragon Vein, which should be “Vein of Succor”, a recovery effect. The selected floor tile has the same Glow/Aroma effect, so I think it’s right.

At this point, Hortensia is a Level 20 (max) Wing Tamer with an Elfire +1 and 4 out of 4 skills. Hang on, Wing Tamer should be an unpromoted class. I wonder what determines the number of available skill slots then… Cumulative Level, perhaps? Her inventory has tomes as you’d expect, plus two staves, one that’s greyed out (ran out of uses, maybe?).

On the map, between Chloé and Rosado, there’s a bright red sword cavalry. Could this be Lapis? She’s introduced as a sword infantry, but who knows how the class-change system works right now. To their right is Alear, I believe in their promoted (Divine Dragon) outfit. Further right, not too sure… Goldmary perhaps? It matches with her here (low HP sword user).

Update: Floating around near the top are glowing feathers, which remind me of the Lost Spirits from Three Houses, where other players ran into trouble.

Update: The Korean version of the article has a different screenshot of Hortensia. The map is different and the allies are all different. Of note, there’s a lance cavalry along the right who seems new. They also have staves. Actually, this is almost definitely Mauvier of the Four Hounds. The hair colour matches and you can see the same black and red flame pattern. (There’s another Korean screenshot where he appears too.)

Update 2: Furthermore, I’m reminded of this screenshot via the official Twitter. Notice the similar background, with the same type of curved pillars/walls and steps nearby.

By the way, I have a feeling that the screenshot of Alear & ??? is from a Premonition chapter at the start of the game. It’s very suspicious that Alear is a Level 20 Dragon Child with max Bond, yet Marth’s name is hidden. Besides that, Alear strangely has 0 SP and only the Libération in their inventory.

Whoosh, here’s Corrin’s Engage skill, Torrential Roar. The one using it here is listed as Jade. It’s a bit difficult to see with so much going on, but I think Jade has a big ponytail visible on her left, touching the message box (I drew an arrow pointing to it).

If you look above her head and use your imagination, this lady shown earlier could be the owner of the ponytail. Unless I’m mistaken, she’s also the axe armour seen in the desert map here and here. Possibly here (as a cavalry) and here as well.

Torrential Roar triggers Dragon Fang, damaging 3 enemies in a row and placing Avoid -30 water tiles underneath them.

Towards the top-left, could that be Goldmary again? The brown hair and white/yellow colour scheme seems to match. Besides, there aren’t any other female brown haired characters that we know of. That said, Goldmary usually wields swords. However, as a Hero she can wield a Spear (as seen in the linked screenshot).

Meanwhile towards the bottom, near the ger, that should be Alcryst. Archer, blue hair with red/blue colour scheme. I’ve seen that same blue cape with a bit of gold here and there (like here, down left from Chloé).

The map here appeared at the start of the Emblem Rings video. As mentioned in the previous analysis, the layout seems to be based on an existing map from The Binding Blade.

Louis is showing off what Emblem Lyn can do. He’s a Level 20 (max) General with a Silver Greatlance+1 equipped. Greatlance weapons only appeared in Radiant Dawn, as the lance counterpart to Blades. We’ve already seen Blades in this game, so I wonder if the axe counterpart, Poleax is here too?

Louis uses the Engage skill Call Doubles to summon 4 clones around him. These can participate in Chain Attacks, which appear to be low damage additional attacks.

On the map, there’s clearly Diamant, the red sword guy. To his right is the same mystery tome user in Pandoro’s 2nd screenshot, this time with Celica equipped. We can see them better now and the outfit is very… unique. It reminds me of Griss’s outfit during the Four Hounds introduction (to the far left). Perhaps not a surprise since Griss is a tome user too. Maybe they’re the same class?

Earlier, I guessed it could be this unnamed girl, Engaging with Byleth. I think the hair colour matches, but the outfits don’t match. That said, it could be the difference between their unpromoted and promoted outfits, like Amber (before and after).

Above them is the bright red sword cavalry yet again. It’s got to be Lapis (middle), right?

The map itself is also super interesting… We originally saw it during Céline’s showcase. However, Céline was a Level 7 unpromoted unit, while Louis here is promoted and at max Level.

This could mean two things. One, this map is a Paralogue or optional map and you can play it whenever. Two, you can repeat certain maps. I’m leaning towards the latter. The enemies here look like powerful Corrupted, versus the weakling Ruffians from earlier.

Finally, Timerra Engaged with Lyn is showcasing the Astra Shower Engage skill. This triggers a long-ranged attack that deals 5 hits. Timerra has a Killer Bow. Her foe is a Fabrication wielding Fire Breath. I think the enemy is the same kind of dragon/monster seen in the Emblem Rings video, such as near the top-left corner of here.

The Emblems part of the article concludes by saying there are more Emblems than the 6 revealed (obvious to us) and to look forward to additional information.

Finally, here’s a relationship chart between the key players, that I painstakingly translated.

Official Site

Furthermore, the Japanese official website for the game updated around the same time. New sections were added for Story, World and Characters.

There are also two “coming soon” sections for Game System (likely covering stuff like the weapon triangle, Break, Emblems and maybe the Somniel base) and Movie (probably where the various trailers will go).

On the front page, if you scroll all the way near the bottom, there’s a cool scrolling image. This shows Alear and Marth Engaging, but also the scene shown multiple times, where Alear and the 4 royals are storming, I think, Lythos. You can get a better look at Emblem Lucina and, to a lesser extent, Ike.

Also, as I suspected, Ivy is present during this scene too. They probably hid her presence, to make fans guess if she’s playable. But c’mon, it’s pretty obvious from the marketing. Anyway, she’s fighting with Lyn here, which is neat, because she’s shown Engaged with Lyn in the Emblem Rings video.

The Story section is pretty straightforward, explaining the overall story, which we already know. Screenshot from the debut trailer, since I’m lazy.

The continent of Elyos, where dragons and humans co-exist.

1000 years ago, a war enrupted against the Fell Dragon bent on destroying the world.

The people called upon the power of Emblems, heroes from other worlds, and after an arduous battle, succeeded in sealing the Fell Dragon.

Peace once again returned to the world.

However, as time passed, the seal began to wane and omens of the Fell Dragon’s resurrection started to appear. At this time, the protagonist awakened from their 1000 year slumber.

The protagonist, carrying on the will of their mother, the Divine Dragon King, sets out on a journey to collect the 12 rings that house the Emblems they once fought with.

If you click the circles along the bottom or wait for the timers to end, you can change the movie playing in the background.

The 4th movie is brand new, showing Alear and the 4 main royals (Alfred, Diamant, Timerra and Ivy) at Lythos during the sunset.

The World section details the various nations of Elyos. Some of this info has been shared via Twitter–and collected here. Of note, you can find a massive version of the mural seen in the debut trailer (direct link here).

Here are the insignias for Solm and Elusia.

Lastly, there’s a 6th country not mentioned until now.

Gradlon, the home of the Fell Dragon.

A realm inhabited by the Fell Dragon who attempted to invade the continent of Elyos, from below the surface.

By the power of the Divine Dragon and the Emblem rings, it’s currently sealed away deep below the seas of Elyos.

The website links the Four Hounds to Gradlon. We know they’re openly plotting to resurrect the Fell Dragon; are they descendents of the people of Gradlon or actually from Gradlon themselves?

On the mural, Gradlon is supposed to be the dark land surrounding Lythos in the very centre. As we’ll learn later, it doesn’t physically exist like that–it could be an artist’s interpretation or perhaps what it looked like in the past, before being sealed?

Now for the Characters section. Whew, there’s a lot to unpack here. Where to begin…

There are lots of characters featured here: Alear, the Dragon Guardians (Vander, Clanne and Framme), the 2 royals from each country, the Emblems, Lumera, Veyle and the Four Hounds. Most of them have their official English names, but some use their Japanese names (notably Misutira and Fogado instead of Timerra and Fogato).

For the characters already shared by the official Twitter account, most of the info there is stuff we’ve seen before. That said, there is a new conversation between Alear and Alfred, perhaps from a support conversation.

Alfred: Good morning, Divine One.

Alear: A good morning to you too, Alfred.

Alear: I can see your smile from a mile away; did something good happen to you?

Alfred: Ahaha, why of course!

Alfred: I had a great workout this morning and I finished my jogging run earlier than usual as well.

Alfred: On top of that, I get to gaze upon your visage like this. I couldn’t be happier.

Alear: Please stop teasing me.

Alfred: I speak truly. Wouldn’t you feel happy seeing your friend’s face?

At the time of writing, Timerra, Fogato, Ivy and Hortensia from Solm and Elusia haven’t been profiled.

Timerra (VA: Ami Koshimizu)

The crown princess of the Kingdom of Solm. Has an innocent, lively and cheerful personality. Although she was educated to be the next Queen, she grew up extremely freely and easily gets along with anyone.

Fogato (VA: KENN)

The first prince of the Kingdom of Solm. Although he was born as the first prince, the succession of the throne belongs to the Queen, so he grew up even more freely than his older sister. Has an optimistic and elusive, light-hearted personalty.

Ivy (VA: Yōko Hikasa)

The mysterious and melancholic first princess of the Kingdom of Elusia. Has a serious and quiet personality, almways upholding the dignity of a royal member.

Hortensia (VA: Hina Kino)

The second princess of the Kingdom of Elusia. Ivy’s half-sister. Has an innocent and slightly selfish personality, but adores her family and close friends.

The two keys thing are that Solm is ruled by a Queen and Timerra is next in line to the throne and that Ivy and Hortensia are half-siblings.

These four characters also have their own intro and battle videos.

I’m running a bit low on time, so I’ll link you to the translated videos from our good friend, Pheonixmaster1.

The gameplay footage for each reveals a number of new things.

Here’s Timerra in a Solm map. Possibly the royal castle? Near the top left, I think there’s an entrance to one of the fancy-looking rooms seen earlier.

Timerra is a Level 19 Sentinel (Backup type). Vigilante in the Japanese version. She has a Silver Lance (B rank), Iron Lance, Killer Lance, Spear and Vulnerary. The foes are Elusians. It’s hard to tell from the low quality, but Timerra is separated from the rest of the gang, who are south, across the wall.

Fogato is a Level 17 Sentinel (Cavalry type), similar to Timerra. He has a Silver Bow, Killer Bow and Vulnerary. Next to him are Bonet and Pandoro (axe cavalry and body art/staff), perhaps his retainers? His foes are Corrupted.

I think this is the same map featured here, with the tall cacti. Looking at the mini-map, his group is near the north-east corner, north of most of the allies. There’s another group near the south-west corner, further away.

Ivy is a Level 1 Wing Tamer (Flying type) here. It’s simply Tamer in the Japanese version. She has Elfire (C rank), Physic, Elthunder, Elwind and Mend. Her foe is an Elusian.

This map is Firene on fire. There are two dragon/monster units near Ivy, although one is off-screen. The other playable units are located towards the south-east.

There’s a hidden detail here that’s easy to miss. When Ivy is moving, she enters the aggro range of Zephia, the silver-haired leader of the Four Hounds. I believe Zephia is a wyvern rider with a sword, but currently she’s seemingly Engaged with Sigurd, because the forecast shows Zephia using Sigurd’s Engage skill, Override.

During the transition from map to battle, you can also just about see Zephia equipped with Sigurd at the top-left corner. Similar to Hortensia at the Brodian bridge, possessed Emblems appear red on the map.

From what we know, Sigurd is one of the first Emblem rings you obtain–given to Alear by Lumera before he/she leaves Lythos and arrives at Firene. Since this map likely occurs later on (because Ivy is playable and Firene is on fire), it’s possible that you’ll lose (and presumably regain) Emblem rings as the story progresses.

Finally, we see Hortensia as a Level 19 Wing Tamer (Flying type). It’s curious how Hortensia has lower stats as a Level 19 Wing Tamer than Ivy as a Level 1 Wing Tamer… Anyway, Hortensia has Elthunder (B rank), Elwind, Mend, Physic and a new staff called Collapse. Her foe is a Corrupted.

Elthunder is interesting: here, it’s a 1~3 tome that cannot trigger a follow-up attack. Collapse, I imagine is an offensive staff, hence why Hortensia has a dual staff icon.

Also, at the start, a beam of light shoots up from Hortensia. Not sure what this.

The map is intriguing as well. It looks like parts of the map are hidden from view, until you open the doors.

The Emblems next! For the three Emblems already profiled on Twitter, they reuse the same footage. However, Byleth, Corrin and Lyn haven’t been profiled yet, so their videos are new.

Again, I’m short on time, so feel free to check out the translated videos by Pheonixmaster1 above.

Byleth and Lyn’s videos are cool because they feature Alcryst and Etie instead of the usual Alear.

Moving on, we have a small section for Alear’s other allies: Lumera and Veyle.

In the background of Veyle’s profile, there’s a more realistic map of Elyos. Of note, the dark lands surrounding Lythos (Gradlon) aren’t present.

I also wonder if there’s any special meaning to having Elyos in Veyle’s background? Maybe it’s just to suggest she could be from anywhere (as in, we don’t know her affiliation)? Or is it something more abstract, like she’s the embodiment of Elyos itself? Nah, I’m probably overthinking it.

Also, hey, if you click on Lumera, you can see Veyle’s map sprite in the navigation. She’s a tome user, with a similar sprite to Céline. Not a big surprise since she casted a powerful fireball in the story trailer. Will she be playable though? Lumera also has a map sprite if you click on Veyle, but she’s dead (as far as we know).

Finally, meet the Four Hounds, the antagonistic group allied with Elusia that’s trying to resurrect the Fell Dragon.

Zephia (VA: Rika Fukami)

Leader of the Four Hounds, who plot to resurrect the Fell Dragon. A descendent of the Mage/Demon Dragons who lived 1000 years ago.

Griss (VA: Kenjiro Tsuda)

Loyal member of the Four Hounds, who plot to resurrect the Fell Dragon. A violent and utterly deranged wielder of magic.

Marni (VA: Ruriko Aoki)

Member of the Four Hounds, who plot to resurrect the Fell Dragon. An armoured knight who’s cheerful and innocent, but prone to mood swings.

Mauvier (VA: Tomoaki Maeno)

Member of the Four Hounds, who plot to resurrect the Fell Dragon. He’s a loyal, honest and simple warrior.

It shouldn’t be a surprise given the way she presented herself, but Zephia is the leader of the Four Hounds. Interestingly, she’s descended from the Mage/Demon Dragon clan–the same type of dragon existed in the Archanea and Elibe games.

Also, each of the Four Hounds is named after a colour in French: sepia, gris, marron and mauve. This is more obvious in the Japanese version.

If you haven’t noticed, the other countries have their own naming schemes too.

All Brodians are rocks/minerals: Diamant (diamond), Alcryst (crystal), Lapis (lazuli), Citrinne, Jade and Amber.

All Elusians are flowers/plants: Ivy, Hortensia, Goldmary, Rosado (rose) and Hyacinth.

All Solmese(?) are desserts/foods: Timerra (tiramisu), Fogato (affogato), Pandoro, Bonet and maybe Merrin (meringue?).

Each of the Four Hounds has a short video, taken from the same cutscene we saw in the recent story trailer. Again, I’ll direct you to Pheonixmaster1 for the translated videos.

Along the bottom of each profile, you can see each Hound’s map sprite as you navigate. Griss is a tome user, naturally. Mauvier is a lance cavalry (we knew this from the leaks). Marni is an axe armor. Finally, Zephia is a sword wyvern, I believe. Her sprite briefly appeared in Ivy’s battle video.

I think… that covers everything? At the time of writing, I’ve yet to start breaking down Emblem Sigurd’s video (there are some interesting things in there). That’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

As usual, if you spot anything interesting that I missed or I messed something up, please let me know!

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