Jedi Joining the Team + Elieson is Promoted

In preparation for another monstrous year for Fire Emblem and also to bring more talent to the stage, I’m proud to announce that Jedi will be joining the Serenes Forest team as an additional news editor.

It’s no secret that Jedi is a massive fan of both the Warriors series and the Fire Emblem series, which makes him the perfect choice to cover the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors. Either way, I expect great things from him!

That’s not the only staff-related news, as Elieson–who joined us as a news editor around 15 months ago–will be reborn as a website editor. *Cue promotion music*

Since joining the team, Elieson has shown us not only his fantastic capabilities, but also his trustworthiness as somebody who represents the face of Serenes Forest. As such, I have no qualms about giving him the keys to the forest.

Anyway, we hope you look forward to seeing Serenes Forest continue to grow!

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