Warriors: Awakening Trailer, TGS Tease, Website Update + Famitsu Analysis

Today, the Fire Emblem Warriors Twitter posted another action-packed trailer, this one featuring all the currently-revealed warriors from Awakening.

The trailer is advertised as “number 1”, so presumably there will be similar trailers for the Fates and Shadow Dragon cast.

Moving on, Warriors will be coming to TGS (Tokyo Games Show) in Japan between 21st to 24th September. Of note, it will be showcased on Koei Tecmo’s main stage and livestreamed on Niconico on all four days.

According to the stage schedule, there will be announcements of new hero(es) on the 21st and 23rd. Various voice actors, such as for Marth, Xander and Lianna will be present. The other days will feature gameplay and other new information.

Following the release of this week’s Famitsu, the game’s official Japanese website has updated with profiles for male Corrin, Elise and Sakura, as well as screenshots of the badge/emblem and forging systems.

The gameplay elements are covered in greater detail in Famitsu itself, as well as various other Japanese gaming publications, such as 4Gamer. Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the new gameplay reveals.

Male Corrin: Has the same attacks and abilities as female Corrin. His female counterpart is advertised as appearing in the main story, which essentially confirms he won’t be appearing in Story Mode, in a similar situation to female Robin. It looks like he can be obtained by clearing one of the time attack/bonus modes.

History Mode: Lets you move around on a 2D map based on events from the original Fire Emblem titles, such as the battle with Validar in Awakening or the final battle with Gharnef in Shadow Dragon. Like Story Mode, all the dialogue is voiced. Attacking a foe may trigger a Warriors-style battle.

In the first screenshot, with Chrom and Robin confronting Validar, we can see Validar’s map sprite by the throne, just like in the original game. However, in the Thabes map, where Gharnef should be, Gharnef himself is curiously missing–and Marth is there instead.

The text in the pre-battle screen is quite interesting as well. The objective is to beat the map within a time limit. There can be restrictions, such as the number of units and perhaps some units may be banned. There is also a score rank and the possibility of getting an “Anna’s Memory”.

Despite looking like Thabes, the stage itself appears to use the Streets of Aytollis backdrop. Clearing maps can earn you standard rewards (such as a Concoction) and S Rank rewards (none listed for this map).

Class Change: Requires a Master Seal like in other Fire Emblems. Upgrading to a new class can increase the number of accessible badges, boost stats and change the character’s attire. Sadly, it seems Rowan wielding a lance after promotion was a false alarm.

Forging: Weapons can have various properties and these properties can be swapped around between weapons–for a price. The screenshot shows the player transferring the Invert Physical/Magical property (switches the user’s physical damage to magical damage and vice versa) from a Magic Lance to an Iron Lance.

The Iron Lance already has the Effective vs Armour property, perhaps from a previous forge, so weapons can have multiple properites at one time. No limit was mentioned, but from the menu, it seems you can stack quite a lot of properties, potentially up to 8 assuming they can fill the window (and without scrolling).

Appraisal: Some weapons may come with sealed properties when you obtain them. By clearing these seals, you can unlock new properties. For example, the Steel Lance requires the character to defeat 2000 enemies. Doing so will unlock a property that fills the Musou Gauge after 300 KOs. Appraising weapons seems to cost gold as well.

Weapons include Heavy Spear (effective vs Armour), Steel Lance, Bronze Lance, Dragon Lance (effective vs Dragon), Axereaver and Magic Lance. As with Fire Emblem, weapons have ranks, which begin from E and go up. So far, it seems weapons only have attack stats, which makes sense since attacks probably can’t miss–and they can’t passively trigger Critical Hits.

By the way, one thing that stands out are the number of stars shown next to a weapon, before the weapon rank. The number of stars can vary from 2 to 5 and the same weapon can have a different number of stars, like four Steel Lances that are 2-star, 5-star, 5-star and 4-star. Perhaps this is the rarity of the weapon and affects its attack power?

Skills: These can be learned by gathering materials found by defeating enemies etc. Chrom’s Luna ignores part of the enemy’s Defence or Resistance and its effect is increased with Luck. This may suggest it’s not a skill with an activation rate and a passive instead. Or perhaps the activation rate is Luck.

As reported earlier, characters can learn skills from others if they build a deep bond. Characters can equip 3 skills at one time, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this increases to 6 later on. Learning skills also requires gold on top of the aforementioned materials; Anna sure is a penny-pincher!

Badges/Emblems: These are similar to skills and also require materials from defeating foes and gold. Unlike skills, you need to follow a progression path, which can branch out. The highlighted badge is Rowan’s Pursuit Emblem 4, which adds a 6th strong (X-button) attack at the end of a 5 Y-button chain.

That’s all for now. It looks like TGS is where we’re getting our next big info dump–and just before the game’s Japanese release as well. Of course, it’s still possible for some news to drop between then and now. We’ll just have to wait and see!

About the Author: VincentASM
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  • Folt

    Maybe Luna’s activation rate is Skill but how strong the Luna effect is is determined by Luck?

  • timeman

    Well well well, look what we’ve got here!

    The case of Male Corrin was quite obvious, but as all the “quite obious” things, is good to have an official confirmation.

    History Mode is nearly without doubt the Adventure Mode of Hyrule Warriors. Marth in the Thabes map is the player sprite, as the 8bit sprites of the characters appear in the map sections of the Adventure Mode. What I’m curious, however, is this “Anna’s Memory”. I presume (or maybe I only want to believe XD) it could be the expression to describe the unlock of characters in the History Mode (don’t lie to ourselves, Male Corrin and Female Robin have all the numbers of being unlockable in this mode), so… It could be a hint of Anna being a playable character. Other possibility could be that, like Shadows of Valentia, it unlocks some cinematics (maybe showing HD versions of Shadow Dragon, Awakening and Fates?).

    The “illusion” of Rowan wielding lances is hillarious. It shows how we never have to believe all what we see for the first time XD.

    Appraisal is identicas (following the description given in this article) to the weapon mechanic of Hyrule Warriors, with weapons with diferents abilities and the capability of unlock some of them, transfer them (forging) and different ranks for each individual weapon. However, we have the change (improvement?) of the weapons’ stats and ranks.

    Skills in this game still are a mystery for me. I also believe we have a maximum of 6 skills for each character, but a base of 3 (forcing us to unlock the rest of the slots). As for activation, I hardly doubt that are as other FE games, activating a microcinematic each time they activate (this will completely break the dynamic gameplay the developers are searching). Instead, I think (though I’m not pretty sure) that all of the skills are passive ones.

    Finally, it’s pretty obvious that the Badge/Emblem system is a replica of the one in HW.

    This Famitsu article only strengthens my belief of villains as Validar (and potentially Gharnef seing the History Mode screenshot) being playable (at least with a future free-DLC as Cia, Volga and Wizzro cases in HW, but I strongly believe they’ll be playable from the very beginning). Fire Emblem Warriors is, in few words (and exagerating a little bit :P), an upgraded and FE-thematized version of Hyrule Warriors, so the surprise will be Validar and other possible villains finally not being playable, even if they have generic movesets.

    • dmurr

      I expect Anna to be the Great Fairy equivalent of this game, probably unlocked deep into History mode. Also am totally ok with FE Warriors being an upgraded version of Hyrule Warriors with Fire Emblem characters. I played the hell out of that game. Would not be surprised if they kept it similar due to the player-base likely being fairly overlapping.

      • timeman

        About Anna, is likely to have her playable and unlockable in History Mode, as you say (I would say examples as Ruto or Zant, because the Great Fairy is a weapon, but… I understand XD).

        And about FEW possibly being a Hyrule Warriors upgraded version… I didn’t said this as a bad thing. In fact, as you, I like the idea. Also, I think the same as you about the player-base (probably a way to attract Hyrule Warriors fans who don’t know about Fire Emblem).

  • Familyplayer

    Finally some more gameplay info!

  • Volttekka

    A couple of thoughts:

    1. Skill activations could simply be expressed as a random chance of an individual attack applying the skill’s effects, along with a correspondingly-colored light flash
    e.g. Luna would be a purple [whatever it’s called when metal hits metal and sparks fly] and would ignore the enemy’s defense and/or pierce a guard.
    Astra would probably massively boost the speed of your attacks for 5 hits while slightly weakening your damage, with green flashes

    2. I just thought of a way that they could at least acknowledge some of the other games, even if they don’t plan on having characters from those games.
    They could add monsters from Gaiden/Sacred Stones/Echoes as enemy-only units.
    It’d give the enemies a bit more variety than just human enemies alone.

    • Pokegee

      In regards to characters from other games, while I’m also disappointed with their absence, it’s likely they will be added as DLC. The success of Lyndis, Ike, and Roy in FE Hero’s Choose Your Legends survey means those three are likely to appear. Or I could just be wrong, but I really think it’s likely that there will be more characters added as DLC.

  • Fikko3107

    I wonder how class changes will be handled for characters like Ryoma or Frederick, who are technically already in their promoted forms? I could see Chrom promoting to his Great Lord form, Takumi into a Sniper, etc. but will prepromotes simply have a non-aesthetic class-change or perhaps (heaven forbid) an original new costume? For that matter, Lissa, Sakura and Elise counts too, since they blend their base and promoted classes. Marth also, I guess, since IIRC he never had a promoted form.

  • woof

    Is anyone else bothered that it’s only probably going to be main characters? I’m so tired of Lucina and etc. There are other cool characters in the Fates/Awakening games..

    • Espiritu

      The more Fates/Awakening we get, the more other people cry sadly.

      • woof

        Yeah but I can’t see how they could cry any more than they already are. So in that aspect, it seems worth it. It’s not like adding or not adding anymore is going to make them want the game any more/less.

        If this is all that Awakening is going to have, I feel disappointed as an Awakening fan. So they’re just displeasing two types of fans this way.

    • TheBraveGallade

      I just want the 3 fates/awakening crossover charecters (and thier kids)
      scratch that I just want owain and ophilia

      • woof

        Thanks for the opinon! I’d love to see Severa and Soleil! I’d also love to see Nowi, Henry, Lonqu, Keaton, or Velouria. But I don’t think any of those characters have a chance. I thought Nowi and Henry did, but now I’ve lost hope.

        • Saint_Stahn

          The roster sucks not because its just awakening or fates. It’s because they’re only using the important story characters. Cordelia is on that gray line, but she’s essentially just Sumia’s replacement.

          You got Chrom’s little brigade, the marketing crossdresser herself, the Fates family …. and Marth.

          That’s some serious lack of variety no matter how much you look at it. Every fire emblem game has such a big roster that people all over have different favorites or characters that they enjoy. Literary using the most ”essential” characters from 3 games is definitely much much worse than just-

          ”Here’s all the main characters from the series…” Which would have worked.

          In the end, I don’t get Gregor or Arthur, people don’t get Tharja, and you don’t get what you want either.
          Will the game still be a success? Who knows. Chrom and Tharja sure didn’t increase sales in Mirage Sessions and that game was also a train wreck. Chrom and Lucina didn’t help project X zone 2 as well.

          Thats what this game feels. Its just one giant advertisement for Awakening and Fates. re-telling the same story with some hack and slash. So you BUY the real thing if you didn’t already.
          I’m inclined to believe this game is more advertisement for some HD Fates collection for the switch or something like that.

          Remember when Corrin was put in Smash? oh yeah, Nintendo is all about advertisement right now.

          • Jedi

            The games mechanics are more what I care about and are paying off nicely, its a safer want. Would I have picked a different roster? Yeah, but I think the game is fine as is, as a Warriors fan. Roster saltiness is making people just too uppity in my opinion.

            Also PXZ2 wasn’t meant to sell tons of copies, it was just a Sega, Capcom & Namco celebration that just happened to have some Ninty characters, and TMS was just unfortunately timed and advertised but was overall an alright game.

          • Saint_Stahn

            If youre buying it for the mechanics. by all means, go for it. have fun. I just won’t myself (and many others) if My only picks are, Chrom, Ryoma, Xander and possibly Lissa. (3 swords dang…)

            I don’t want to use Camilla as my ONLY wyvern rider of choice or Takumi as my archer. I jus don’t like them.

          • Jedi

            And thats fair, but theres still more to be shown. I wouldn’t judge it entirely until its all out in the open, which will probably happen at the upcoming TGS.

          • Saint_Stahn

            I’m not a big awakening or fates fan. But there are some characters I DID enjoy and help me go back to those games. for Awakening its Vaike, Gregor, Basilio and to a degree Sayri. If the popular schmucks didn’t make it in…what chances do they have?

            For Fates im on the same boat, I dont care about Niles and Oboro. I care about Arthur and Saizo. Not gonna get them cause no NInjas and apparently Koei was so crappy with the axe selction that they opted for LISSA to be the main axe infantry.

            At this point, my only salvation is ANYHTING from shadow dragon thats nota waifu. I’ll forgive Minerva, but ill tear my hairs if I see the white wings. Cain, Draug, Navarre from the Mirage Sessions exposure sound good. Yet… I want Ogma. but with ”sword cancer”… what are his chances really? He could promote to Hero and have swords AND axes. but I can guarantee you… Koei probably won’t that far ahead. Mind you if Ogma makes it in and can go Hero… I will get this game. yeah. Shadow Dragon has class. Marth’s army is pretty cool.

  • dmurr

    Honestly since a lot of Fire Emblem can be narrowed down to classes/weapons as opposed to characters, it makes sense that some of these characters would have generic movesets for weapons with slight variation. They’ll probably not feature in the main story, but it would be surprising to me to not get some clone-style characters unlocked through side modes, such as Tharja with Validar’s moveset and slight differences. They already confirmed that Lucina has Chrom’s moveset with variation and that she was the basis for saying that all characters will have unique idle animations. Who else would that be for? Not just Cordelia and Hinoka. Not just mCorrin or fRobin either (though I don’t know if they’ll have unique animations since they’re technically the same character).

    The more I think about it, the more I think the 25 character cards are just for the story characters, but that the game will feature more than that.