Heroes: What Will Spring Bring?

Summoners! Fire Emblem Heroes’ second Spring-themed event is nearly upon us. According to a tweet posted by @FE_Heroes_JP, we’ll be seeing some new holiday heroes accessible on March 22.

We’ve been left with a teaser (classic of the Heroes dev team), so who do you think we’re about to get?

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  • Xeph660

    I’m bad at guessing but I see a pony tail so I’m gonna guess one of them is Selena. Or maybe its Severa like when they added Inigo

    • Sentinel

      I doubt it since neither picture has her hairstyle.

  • sappybrenton

    I see Felicia on the right and have heard many arguments for the one on the left, but the right is defiantly Felicia

  • Reuska

    The one on the right seems to have similar hair (next to her face) to Sharena and the one on the left doesn’t seem to have female hips. I root for Alfonse and Sharena. But I agree it can be Felicia as well if that one part of the shadow is her ponytail.

    • Vaximillian

      >I root for Alfonse and Sharena

      And you were completely correct!

  • Diovani Estivalet

    The right one, with the pony tail, who can be Felicia, looks to be a tome unit.
    She looks to be holding a egg, so… Or this will be the Red Egg “tome”, or maybe a new type of “Egg Tome”, and then the Lucina’s Blue Egg+ and Camilla’s Green Egg+ will receive a evolution refinement (Both Blue and Green Eggs+ are Might 11, so they can be evolved to a Mt 12 or 13 weapon).

  • speedster

    Maybe Sharena, because there was mention of her getting in a bunny suit in the Easter paralogue

  • Alexander Bodine

    One on the right looks like they’re dancing, so maybe a dancer or Inigo? Or they could be waving, I guess.

    • I thought it looked like Felicia dropping her egg, actually.

  • 100%B-Type

    Last time was it Awakening and Nohr, maybe this time Hoshido and Mystery of the Emblem.
    Can not wait for Marth and Ryoma seasonals~

  • ashlyn

    I hadn’t really considered that Felicia could be the one on the right, but now that I look at it more I can see why people are speculating that it’s her. As for the one on the left, I’m not really sure. It looks like they are either holding a lance or staff, but it’s most likely a lance, because I don’t really see them putting out a seasonal healer. If the one on the right turns out to be Felicia, then she’ll probably be an infantry mage, like Spring Lucina.

  • Kujja

    everyone keeps saying Felicia can i not hope for Flora !?? xD

    • Daniel Smith

      Flora is amazing

      way better than Felicia

    • I want Flora too, but the one on the right looks like she’s dropping her egg and Flora’s way too good a maid to do that.

  • mrkisukes

    Oh boy, here comes the next wave of broken seasonal armor/flyer units, will the staves finally get their addition of a flier unit? That would actually be kind of busted with how horse staves already are a huge pain to deal with if built correctly.