Deceptimike Joining as News Editor

Starting from 26th June, Deceptimike will be joining the Serenes Forest team as a news editor. To begin with, he’ll be covering all the Heroes news while Kirie is away on vacation.

Deceptimike, otherwise known as Michael Freeman, has done a lot of videogame reporting, including for Zelda Universe. Of course, he’s also a massive Fire Emblem fan, which is why he’s been recruited into our ranks.

Additionally, if you’re especially perceptive, you may have realised that Deceptimike has previously contributed to a couple of Heroes gameplay pages, such as for Tempest Trials and Arena Assault. So he’s definitely no stranger to the game.

By the way, if you’re interested–and unafraid of being flooded with Heroes thoughts and comments–feel free to check out his Twitter account!

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