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Fire Emblem Fates Gives World Three Games With One Language

Polygon, along with some other gaming organizations such as GameXplain, were fortunate enough to get early access to the Special Edition of Fire Emblem Fates. This release was limited, and came with a cartridge containing all three versions of the game (Birthright, Conquest and Revelation), as well as a very beautiful cloth carrying pouch sized for a New 3DSXL and a hardcover art-book with 80+ pages of reference material in Japanese, with translation notes.


One thing that has many fans frustrated with, however, is the lack of Dual Audio being evident with the game’s menu options. Dual Audio refers to the inclusion of the original Japanese voice work, as well as the English voicing.

Fans’ patience hit the floor when Polygon streamed Fire Emblem Fates and noted the game’s lack of a second audio option, especially since this was a noticeable feature within the previous Fire Emblem installment, Fire Emblem Awakening.  Read more