Skill Levels

Sources: Famitsu, ggvanrom, Other

Skills Levels (originally “Professor Levels” in the February trailer) refers to the aptitudes that every character possesses, in skills such as weapon handling, magic, horse riding, etc. In essence, they expand on the weapon level system found in previous games.

Like before, skill levels can be increased via battle. However, they can also be raised via instructing and other academic activities. Skill Levels start at E and progress to E+, D, D+ and so forth, all the way up to at least A+. Presumably they can reach S or maybe even S+.

Besides enabling characters to equip better weapons etc, increasing skill levels can allow them to learn new abilities, combat arts and spells. Furthermore, certain skill levels are required to pass examinations to change class.

Known Character Proficiencies

All characters appear to have access to all skill levels from the start. But some characters may be stronger or weaker at some, as indicated by an up or down arrow.

There are some characters that have three empty stars next to a skill level they’re typically poor at. Continual study in this category can yield a budding talent, which transforms it into a strong type and unlocks a new ability or combat art.


  • If unsure, please hover over an icon for a basic description (on a desktop browser).
  • Byleth/the protagonist is currently excluded until we have more information.
  • Because of the Budding Talent system, some of the listed strengths may not be innate (and must be developed first).
  • Likewise, some Budding Talents may be missing from the lists.

Black Eagles

Caspar         ? ?

Blue Lions

Felix         ? ?
Mercedes     ? ? ?
Ashe         ? ? ?
Annette ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Ingrid ? ? ? ? ? ?   ?

Golden Deer


Skill Level Progression

Required experience

Current Rank Experience for next
E 40
E+ 60
D 80
D+ 120
C 160
C+ 220
B 280
B+ 360

Experience gain

Action Applicable Skill Levels Weak Neutral Strength
Attack 1 weapon, 1 move and Authority +1 +2 +3
Instruct 1 any +2 +4 +6
Group Task 1 move ? +8 ?
Weekday Lessons 2 any ? +28 +32

More Info:

  • Attacking gives the same experience regardless of whether you KO a foe or miss an attack. However, no experience is gained if you cannot counter-attack.
  • Characters will gain Authority experience if a Battalion is present while attacking. If a Gambit is used, Authority experience is doubled but weapon experience is zero.
  • When attacking or using Gambits, if a skill level matches with one of the class’s proficiencies, they gain extra experience (usually 2, but can be 1 depending on the class and weapon). This is applied before multiplication.
  • When instructing, experience gain is further modified if the result is Bad, Great or Perfect.
  • If a character only has one set focus, they gain 50% more experience during weekday lessons.