Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary Concert Musical Program

With just two weeks left to go, the Fire Emblem 25th Anniversary event site has added a list of tracks that will be performed.


For those who can’t read Japanese, an English version of the track list is generously provided on the same page. (Which I’ve also included after the break.)

Some minor amendments:

  • “Bonds, Eternal” is the Japanese name of “Eternal Bond” from Radiant Dawn.
  • “My name is MARTH” is obviously “You may call me Marth.” from Awakening.
  • “[I] Medley” should be “[Id] Medley”.

Besides this, the voice actors of Hinata, Lazward, Saizou and Odin from Fire Emblem Fates will be present at the event’s mini drama.

Music Program

Main Theme
Fire Emblem Main Theme

He Who Succeeds the Light 
Strife of Agustria
Eldigan the Lionheart
The Final Holy War
Ending Ballad

Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light Story Medley
Gaiden Story Medley
Legend of the Divine Dragon
He Who Carves a New History

Manaketes and Sacred Stones 
The Binding Blade, Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones Battle Medley
Suspicious -The Theme of the Three Dragon Generals-
Winds Across the Plains
Treasured Memories

Radiance and Awakening 
Life Returns
Eternal Bond
You may call me Marth.
“Id” Medley

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