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Cipher: Japanese Code Giveaway and Review

Last year, during the early days of the Fire Emblem Cipher card game, Nintendo bundled a bunch of exclusive codes with select products, no doubt to further entice buyers.


Thanks to Bernie_man123, we have some of these codes to give away over on our forums. However please be aware that these codes can only be used on a Japanese region 3DS or 2DS.

So the rest of you don’t go home empty-handed, here’s a belated review of the codes from last year.

To begin with, the codes bundled in Series 1’s starter decks and booster boxes unlocked new guest characters in Fire Emblem Fates.

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Making of Path of Radiance

Today marks the 26th anniversary of the Fire Emblem series, as well as the 11th anniversary of Path of Radiance (and yesterday was Awakening‘s anniversary).


To celebrate the occasion, here’s the next part of our “Making Of” series, featuring development materials and secrets from the Making of Fire Emblem book, in collaboration with Kantopia‘s very own Kirokan.

Naturally, we’ll be turning our attention to Path of Radiance, since it’s the birthday boy and because we already covered the first game earlier.

At the time of release, Path of Radiance was an ambitious title, being one of Intelligent System’s first forays into 3D game development and the first home console Fire Emblem since Kaga’s departure.

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Making of Binding Blade

Steadily throughout the year, I’ll be digging through the Making of Fire Emblem book for juicy morsels alongside Kirokan from Kantopia.

After our in-depth look at the Making of Shadow Dragon, we’ll skip ahead to the game inspired by it: Binding Blade for the GameBoy Advance.

Looking back, Binding Blade marked a massive turning point in the series, as Intelligent Systems were faced with the challenge of continuing the Fire Emblem series without its creator, Shouzou Kaga.

At the time, Binding Blade was first envisioned as a Nintendo 64 title known as “Maiden of Darkness“. However, for largely unknown reasons, development was halted and resources shifted to a GameBoy Advance entry instead.

With such a turbulent development history behind it, just how much has Binding Blade changed since its early days?

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Fire Emblem Cipher Festival 2016

In June of last year, the Fire Emblem Cipher trading card game launched in Japan, alongside Fire Emblem Fates.


To celebrate the success of Fire Emblem Cipher, Intelligent Systems is holding a special event dubbed “Fire Emblem Cipher Festival 2016” on 31st January and 6th February 2016.

At the event, Fire Emblem fans can play the Cipher card game, enjoy the various exhibitions and inevitably dry out their wallet from buying all the exclusive Fire Emblem merchandise.

The event details can be found below:

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