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Making of Binding Blade

Steadily throughout the year, I’ll be digging through the Making of Fire Emblem book for juicy morsels alongside Kirokan from Kantopia.

After our in-depth look at the Making of Shadow Dragon, we’ll skip ahead to the game inspired by it: Binding Blade for the GameBoy Advance.

Looking back, Binding Blade marked a massive turning point in the series, as Intelligent Systems were faced with the challenge of continuing the Fire Emblem series without its creator, Shouzou Kaga.

At the time, Binding Blade was first envisioned as a Nintendo 64 title known as “Maiden of Darkness“. However, for largely unknown reasons, development was halted and resources shifted to a GameBoy Advance entry instead.

With such a turbulent development history behind it, just how much has Binding Blade changed since its early days?

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Binding Blade added to Japanese Wii U Virtual Console

This news isn’t applicable for most people here, but for the sake of reference…


From 2nd September 2015, Fire Emblem: Binding Blade will be available from the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console.

Binding Blade is notable for being the first game in the series not developed by series creator Shouzou Kaga (who left to form his own company) and the first portable Fire Emblem.

As it happens, it’s also the first Fire Emblem game I played and the game that made me fall in love with the series. (So in a sense, you can thank this game for Serenes Forest’s existence…)