Fire Emblem Fates DLC Wave 2, and More!

It looks like Cipher has distracted me from some other exciting news, as Fire Emblem Fates has announced their second wave of DLC! This set will feature five new maps, and the addition of some rewards offering up to three new classes to customize your team with.


And if you thought that was all, it’s not! Chrom and Lucina are making their debut in another game, Project X Zone 2, as announced at Tokyo Game Show 2015. (Click to see their debut announcement video).


The new DLC maps include Vanguard’s Trial, Anna the Outlaw, Ballistician’s Trial, Anna’s Gift and Witch’s Trial. All of the DLC appears to be priced at 250 Yen.


The first one is the “Vanguard’s Trial,” a protect map featuring Elincia from Radiant Dawn. Through repeated completion, you can apparently obtain infinite Aether Scrolls. This is already released, as of September 17.


The second is a map is “Anna the Outlaw,” where you and Anna fight off some thieves. As suspected, you can recruit Anna, though obviously only on the first time you play it. This means that Anna is a DLC-exclusive character. This is due to release on September 24.


The third roughly translates to “Ballistician’s Trial” and is a map similar to one in Fire Emblem 1 where there are several enemy Ballisticians. You can apparently get infinite “Ballistician’s Turret” which turn your units into Ballisticians. This is due to release on October 1.


The fourth is free DLC called “Anna’s Gift” It can only be played once and instantly gives you a Ballistician’s Turret or Witch’s Circle. This is also due to release on October 1.


The fifth and final DLC is the “Witch’s Trial” map and is from Fire Emblem 2 with many enemy witches. You can get infinite “Witch’s Circle” items as a reward, which turn units into Witches. This is due to release on October 8.


Also, it may be just speculation, but signs point to a third wave of DLC incoming without a date. A breakdown of the page’s source code indicates either a mistake made by the developers, a strange method of organization, or a placeholder for Wave 3 DLC (see below). This won’t come as a surprise, as we have yet to see any DLC maps set with five stars, but it’s always nice to speculate a little.


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With so much news coming from Intelligent Systems, who knows what else will make itself clear over the days to come!

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