Finally, Video Confirmation of Skinship Changes in Fates

It's not, but tapping a stylus on your face is.

It’s not, but tapping a stylus on your face is.

It’s no question that the rumors surrounding the removal of skinship had the fanbase in an uproar; both those for and against the change. Look no further than the 70+ comments on our previous article regarding the matter, if you’d like to get an idea of how much people cared to debate the subject. Kotaku was the first to raise questions about the feature via a quote without very much context, which then led to even more ambiguous “confirmations” that the “petting” feature was removed. At this point, everyone knew something was changed, but didn’t know how or if there was a replacement of sorts. Thanks to Polygon, we finally have video confirmation and the full context of the localization changes regarding Skinship.

The video can be seen below:

So, there you have it. The only bit about Skinship that was removed was the tactile effect of tapping the screen. The Live2D character model animations that occur after tapping the screen in the Japanese version of the game are still present, blushing and all. More importantly, the support bonuses you receive from the feature are still there as well. If you’re interested in seeing more early English gameplay, you can check out Polygon’s video archive of over 2 hours of footage from the very start of the game.

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  • August Mikkelsen

    for what purpose

  • chris123sm

    If they were going to keep the character models with dialogue and them blushing, they should have just kept the skinship but made it skipable if you just wanted the bonus for it.

  • Stolen Goods

    Well, even if you can’t touch the imouto, it’s something. Still feel burned about NA’s skinship game being nerfed, but we’ve got the more important conversations and bonuses intact. Except for Niles telling you he’s gonna do some spelunking, of course.

    Also Live2D animations look janky as ever. Sakura’s gonna fling herself out of frame if things continue at that pace.

  • Lyn

    This was the most realistic and best case scenerio as to what they would do with the skinship minigame once it was confirmed touching was out, so I’m very happy! It’s especially nice to know the lines are fully voiced. I wish Nintendo had just explained this was what they were going to do, I feel like it’d have mitigated at least some of the controversy. Stll, happy to see this is what they went with!

  • Linger

    As they said, its not bad. Glad I’ll still be able to giggle at those.

  • Tivis Little

    I’m just upset there’s no duel audio… “We’ve got trouble!” WHHHHHHYYYYYYY!?

    • yeah it’s a difficult situation for sure. as a big rune factory fan I still haven’t bought 4 yet due to no dual audio.

  • Dillon Xiong

    At least its not GONE. Even though i am disappointed you cant touch them/interact with the characters more, it can also be argued, that you still enjoy the scene, and it takes less work than there needs to be (its like 5-60 seconds less, depending on if your a pervert and want to take a long time instead of doing it normally).

  • Ash Sullivan

    So everything I wanted to stay stayed and everything I could take or leave left. Perfect solution in my book.

    • MDH

      Yeah, I can live with it. Since the visuals and dialogue are not outright cut, there’s not much to cry over.

      Still, it’s silly for the localization team to raise such a hubbub over tapping your stylus on a character’s face. Can’t have the kids playing this game have any funny feelings!

      • Ash Sullivan

        LBR, I can’t think of the localization team as being silly when there wasn’t really any hubbub until the fans got wind of it.

        • Nicolas Thresh

          I blame Kotaku and the overall blogging era of news updates. If this had been like 10 years ago no one would have learned about the changes til the game dropped. Now every little rumor and tidbit is scrutinized and turned into a headline for those juicy clicks.

  • Andres Marquez

    What a letdown, well, Better than nothing!

  • FinalFight

    …Sorry, doesn’t this seem MORE explicit?
    Like, it went from head-patting to “fade the screen away as they have implied sex”.

    I’ll never understand NoA.

    • Logan Daniel Smith

      Except that fade in/out with the line of dialogue was already there along with the petting in the Japanese version, and the petting included moans and gasps and all sorts of lewd things. Plus the lines of dialogue in the English version have likely been altered to a degree where they aren’t nearly as lewd as they are in the Japanese version. Honestly I think this was the overall best outcome when concerning the removal of skinship, I personally wouldn’t have minded the petting but I’m just happy they kept in the dialogue and Live 2D models.

      • Lyn

        Agreed on all points. A lot of fans were concerned they’d do a fade to black to hide the skinship (as in, character enters room, fade to black, ‘Your relationship has strengthened!’, character leaves your room) which would definitely have major controversial implications, especially when you consider it also gives the character a stat boost for the next battle x3 The way they did it doesn’t imply there was anything untoward going on at all. If anything it looks like the characters just had a discussion, albeit a quick one.

  • Bob Smith

    Cool. At least my hand won’t be tired after the whole thing. Rubbing the stylus over and over can get tedious and boring.

  • Eh, it’s fine I suppose. Not like I’m going to use it anyway.

  • afaik there is no dual audio, which sucks. I miss the old FE’s that didn’t have any voice acting.

  • Prizeofspade

    I’m just happy that they didn’t take away the live 2D models away since they look pretty cool.

  • Adrien Brown

    Realistically speaking, im glad they went with a compromise rather than just outright taking it out. Even if there is no “tapping” we still get the models and scenes so i mean thats all i really cared about.. it kinda sucks that we are getting a nerfed version of it but in the grand scheme of the whole game i doubt it will be that big of a deal now… and umm felicia….hahaha….

  • rainmaker6261 .

    Nice. Couldn’t be happier. The only aspects of this I was frustrated with losing were the support bonuses and awesome character models. Both of those things are still around, so I’m happy as a clam. The actual touching mini game was always pretty irrelevant for me, and honestly the localization team had no choice. Taking it out was the only sensible thing to do considering how weird it would be considered in western culture.

  • Geoffrey Kappenberg

    Once again, Kotaku misleads.

  • Nicolas Thresh

    I am perfectly okay with this.

    Lack of Dual Audio kinda sucks, since the dub seems… inconsistent, but I get that its probably more issue than its worth with the filesize and rights and whatnot.

    Was still looking forward to the game either way. 2 weeks can’t go fast enough.

  • GamersBlogX

    Ya know… Its okay… but I wanted to pet my waifu’s and husbando’s heads.

  • Fulcrum

    Seems similar to the glowing tiles from Awakening, though further expanded. I’ll take it.