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Fire Emblem: Fates Special Edition Giveaway by AbdallahSmash026

Recently, we posted his videos here on Serenes Forest. Now, he’s released a new video that announces a new contest where people can win the North American special edition of Fates and also tells people a bit about the site. You can see the video here:

If you’d like to enter the contest, entry can be done at this link. Some of the ways to enter involve simply visiting us, following Abdallah on YouTube, or following and tweeting our twitter account. Check the link for details.

Fire Emblem: Fates Videos and More

No doubt most of you in North America are likely already busy playing Fates yourselves, but if you’re not located in North America, can’t afford to buy the game yet, or simply just enjoy watching the game, this bit of news is for you. We were recently approached by AbdallahSmash026, a popular YouTuber, about his coverage of Fates. As a result, we now have a section of the site dedicated to videos relating to Fire Emblem games. This can be found under the shiny new Videos link on the left. Abdallah has footage of all the routes in Fire Emblem: Fates and has been uploading that footage since release, but not every chapter is up yet; however, the playlists we’ve embedded are actively being updated as these uploads happen.


If you are also interested in having your gameplay footage embedded on the site, we ask that you please wait a little while. This new section is experimental and the details for how it is going to work exactly are still being worked out. In the meantime, you can check out Abdallah’s Fates footage here.

Finally, Video Confirmation of Skinship Changes in Fates

It's not, but tapping a stylus on your face is.

It’s not, but tapping a stylus on your face is.

It’s no question that the rumors surrounding the removal of skinship had the fanbase in an uproar; both those for and against the change. Look no further than the 70+ comments on our previous article regarding the matter, if you’d like to get an idea of how much people cared to debate the subject. Kotaku was the first to raise questions about the feature via a quote without very much context, which then led to even more ambiguous “confirmations” that the “petting” feature was removed. At this point, everyone knew something was changed, but didn’t know how or if there was a replacement of sorts. Thanks to Polygon, we finally have video confirmation and the full context of the localization changes regarding Skinship. Read more

Iwata Asks: Fire Emblem Fates

To tie in with the game’s release (in Japan), Nintendo graced us with an insightful Iwata Asks interview for Fire Emblem Fates–and in English, no less!


A few highlights from the interview:

Why Shin Kibayasha?

The developers admitted that while Awakening was extremely well-received, its story was not one of its strong points. To keep up with fans’ expectations, Shin Kibayasha–a famous manga author–was enlisted to help direct the game’s story.

Surviving the 25th Anniversary

This year, the Fire Emblem series celebrates its 25th Anniversary and the developers expressed their joy, while also reflecting on how Awakening was potentially the last game in the series, due to the series’s dwindling sales.

Read more