Serenes Forest Scribbles: Results and Feedback

On 18th February, the winners of Serenes Forest Scribbles were announced.

In case you missed it, here are the top three entries as chosen by our members.

"Grima Sculpture" by roymbrog

1st Place: “Grima Sculpture” by roymbrog

2nd Place: "Awakening" by AthenaWyrm

2nd Place: “Awakening” by AthenaWyrm

3rd Place: "Battlefield" by Vigamox

3rd Place: “Battlefield” by Vigamox

Additionally, you can find the full list of winners and runner-ups, plus a special message from Tangerine (our forum admin and mastermind behind the event), over on our forums.

In short, the event was an unexpectedly large success and we’re all very grateful to everyone who contributed, helped or even just came along to enjoy the fun.

Finally, due to the popularity of Scribbles, we’d love to hold it again. However, since this was our first time, there are naturally many areas we could improve in–if you have any suggestions, please contact us or leave a message here.

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