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Serenes Forest Scribbles: Results and Feedback

On 18th February, the winners of Serenes Forest Scribbles were announced.

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Serenes Forest Scribbles: Voting

As promised, voting for Serenes Forest Scribbles is now open! Read more

Serenes Forest Scribbles: Viewing Now Open

Yesterday was the final day for submissions to Serenes Forest Scribbles, our first creative-themed event.


Over the course of two months, we received a whopping total of 132 entries, not just from members of our forum, but from all across the Fire Emblem fan community.

Of course, the show isn’t quite over yet.

All of the entries that have been correctly processed (which is most of them) can now be viewed in the Serenes Forest Scribbles section on our forums and voting is planned to start on 5th February.

If you have time, please take a look through the many entries to pick your favourites and also to support the creativity and efforts of our amazing Fire Emblem community.

Finally, a massive thanks from me and the rest of the Serenes Forest team to everyone who contributed, helped to organise the event or spread the word!