UK: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Giveaway Results

After a minor hiccup, it’s finally time to announce the results of our Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Giveaway! Once again, a big thanks to Nintendo UK for providing the prizes!

First place goes to Matthew K for his colourful pun.


In second place, we have Jake H. It seems quite a few people enjoyed poking fun at the rainbow-coloured silhouettes.


Finally, the third place winner is Jeremy B. We hope you didn’t forget to order the Fates special edition, but if so, you can have a copy of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE as a consolation prize!


Each of the three winners has been sent a download code for the digital version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. If that’s you, please check the e-mail you used for the giveaway!

Additionally, here are some of the staff picks. Sadly, there are no prizes to take away, but we appreciate the effort!

Rachel D gifted us with a Chromplex pun.


Alan M imagines Itsuki’s annoyance while trying to watch that horror movie.


Jake B reminded me that I really should have added a word limit.


Anthony S asks the question many were thinking when Nintendo first revealed this scene.


Arki S reminds us that Mirages are people too–and that they have needs like us…


James T knows his Chrom puns. By the way, we may have a fan of Chrom puns among our staff.


A special thanks to Windsor K for squeezing in a sly reference.


Well, that’s a wrap. We hope you had fun writing and/or reading the captions! Apologies if we weren’t able to feature your submission.

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