Serenes Forests’ Fire Emblem Fates Post-Release Popularity Poll

Serenes Forest denizens, have you conquered your Fates?!

Last year, Nintendo conducted their own popularity contest for Fire Emblem if. The rest of the world has has Fire Emblem Fates now for over six months, and hasn’t had a poll by Nintendo for its favorite unit.

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Serenes Forest did our Pre-Release Popularity Poll, but that was before we knew what we know now. After localization changes, we’ve got our own genuine version to rate. It’s a tad overdue, but we’re prepared to run our next installment of the Fates Popularity Poll. Things have definitely changed in the community with opinions regarding much of the cast. Well, now’s your time to speak up and share your thoughts about it!

This contest will start today and end on October 19, the 8-month anniversary. The rules for this are simple; one vote for your favorite male and one vote for your favorite female. Unlike the Japanese Popularity Poll, our results will always be visible and limited to one per user. They will remain forever anonymous. You can share your vote in public via post if you’d like, or keep it to yourself. You can even fib, if you want. Nobody has to know.

As a refresher, here were the results from the Pre-Release Popularity Poll:

Male Popularity Results
1. Leo [59]
2. Takumi [56]
3. Xander [53]
4. Corrin(M) [35]
4. Zero [35]

Female Popularity Results
1. Camilla [66]
2. Azura [56]
3. Oboro [50]
4. Corrin(F) [30]
5. Flora [24]

Added in this time around is the choice to select your preferred game of the three, as well as your preferred gender for Corrin.

Citizens, and new visitors, we leave this to you. Keep it nice and vote with pride!

Japan’s October 2015 popularity poll results can be viewed here, so if you need help, check it out for some suggestions.

Serenes Forests’ Pre-Release Popularity Poll Results.

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