Fire Emblem Heroes Updates and Quality of Life Improvements

Fire Emblem Heroes has been a hit among fans as of late, and why shouldn’t it be? It’s free to play and offers its players quite a bit to do, with its GACHA-style of gameplay making everyone’s experience unique. While it’s frustrating to struggle at drawing the Heroes you really want and to obtain the feathers needed to promote your dream team to their fullest, there’s still a lot that can be done during each day.

Just a few hours ago, an announcement, (in-game and via Tweet), hit the game that can give avid players a sigh of relief, involving extending perks and an improved EXP system.

Fans can look forward to some upcoming changes being made to the game, due to a recent tweet. FE_Heroes_JP initially announced that with its Launch Celebration event, that Stamina would be reduced for Training Tower battles and removed entirely for shuffling skills around. Today, they announced that the Stamina perks will be extended indefinitely, which will be a huge sigh of relief for avid players.

Additionally, until March 14, we’ll be seeing daily and weekly awards. This means that free Orbs will be hitting our inboxes daily for another month, giving us over 40 free orbs to work with for summon rolls and castle upgrades. This will be coupled with a soon-to-be-released EXP buff for defeating low-level units, in which everybody will earn EXP regardless of level (where the original system gave no EXP to levels five levels or more higher than their opponent).

Lastly, remember that in just a few hours, we may see the current Deep Devotion and Legendary Heroes Focuses removed and replaced with new ones featuring characters from Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem Sacred Stones.

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