Fire Emblem Keyrings and iPhone Cases Coming August

Recently, Japanese retailers have started taking pre-orders for a wave of new Fire Emblem merchandise arriving some time this August.

First up, we have a collection of 6 cutesy acrylic keyrings featuring the key characters from Fire Emblem Heroes (pun not intended). A box of 6 will set you back 3,888 Yen, which is around 35 USD.

Fans of Heroes with an iPhone may also appreciate the 2-way smartphone case, which will help keep your phone safe during intense strategical bouts. The case by itself costs 4,104 Yen.

For those who desire a more luxurious experience, there’s also a limited edition that includes a hand strap and a snazzy microfibre cloth. This one costs 5,400 Yen, which is around 49 USD.

Additionally, all of the Awakening and Fates rubber keyrings are being re-released in acrylic form. Perfect if you missed them the first time round–or if you prefer glossiness over rubberiness.

The best thing about this re-release is that you can order each keyring separately, rather than buying a whole box. Now it should be even easier to own a keyring of your waifu/husbando favourite character!

Of course, these products are only sold in Japan, but if you’re interested, you can try checking import stores like AmiAmi.

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