Heroes: Distant Defense Banner Now Available!

A new summoning focus has appeared in Fire Emblem Heroes! If you favor a more defensive playstyle, the banner for Heroes with Distant Defense might be for you! The 5★ focus units this time are CelicaMicaiah, and Rhajat.

These Heroes all possess the Distant Defense skill for their A Slot. Distant Defense grants the user an additional six Defense and Resistance if under attack by a foe two spaces away. It’s a great skill for units who prefer to retaliate to an attack, rather than initiate combat.

You can attempt to summon the units on this banner until 7 August. Whether you’re after the Heroes themselves or the Distant Defense skill, good luck!

However, keep in mind we should be learning about the next Legendary Banner soon. You may want to save your Orbs until we know which Heroes will appear in a couple of days.

About the Author: Michael Freeman