Three Houses: 2019-02-13 Nintendo Direct will bring more info about the next Fire Emblem

It’s been officially revealed that the next Nintendo Direct – which will air on the 13th of February, 10:00pm UTC/GMT (2:00pm PT, 5:00pm ET, 11:00pm CET) – will feature new information regarding the upcoming Nintendo Switch title: Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

As you may see by the title card for the video, the live broadcast is due to be “roughly 35 minutes” long, and they also made a point of mentioning that new Three Houses details will be revealed, which probably means that it will be the main focus of this Direct.

Or they wanted to put us fans at ease and/or hype us up since we haven’t heard anything for such a long time. Be sure to tune in!

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I guess I should put something here.
  • Mason Klaus

    I can’t speak for anyone else but I think what I’m about to say is on everyone’s mind. About damn time Nintendo/IS!

  • This could potentially make or break my opinion of this game. Please, no grinding, traversable world map, disjointed story and gameplay, avatar, and contrived children. Also less focus on pointless conversations. A bit of map diversity would be welcome as well.

    • CombatMagi

      Avatar has pretty much been announced with the teacher thing. But I agree no kids unless we are Genealogy-ing this. Plus somewhere there going to be grinding unless they bring back the bonus XP which I would be fine with.

      • Entermaid The Elegant

        I’m definitely not expecting genealogy style just no inclusion and a replacement for it.

      • Keep in mind that when I say avatar, I mean a self insert who every female in the cast tries to suck the dick of. If he is a silent protagonist/has a role akin to Mark I would be completely fine with it.

        • BladeLord Lyn

          That most likely won’t happen.

          • You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you? Creating alts and upvoting yourself, I mean. Maybe you should pony up an actual argument if you wish to have some form of credibility rather than the fictitious satisfaction of agreeing with yourself.

          • BladeLord Lyn

            Stay salty because no one agrees with you also accusing someone like that lol keep staying rock bottom troll….

          • Jesus wept. A toddler can figure out that you’re the same person. The fact that a person can be this pathetic is distressing to me. Blocked and reported.

          • Brave Lady Lyn

            Blocked and reported you for this already thank goodness!

          • MetalGear Lamia

            I notice I had this guy blocked already for a long time so yeah clearly a reason why I did….

          • Fallen Crow

            I’m praying for you. Fuck that guy.

          • Splatoo Blemier

            Well Fuck you for insulting someone that didn’t even did anything wrong but gave their input with no malice your making the TC look even worse with you added…..

          • Brave Lady Lyn

            This is why I never go to comments on places like this didn’t do anything but said a few words nothing else and don’t worry I reported and block that guy as well I don’t let these toxic people ruin my hype! 🙂

          • Entermaid The Elegant

            Lol so petty shows how sad you really are…..

    • Sisyphe

      I’m hoping for at least a return to Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones. I don’t think they’ll catch lightning in a bottle like they did with Tellius ever again. Really all of the games have some odd gameplay imbalances, so as long as it’s nothing unpleasant like Shadows of Valentia, I’ll be okay. It’s really the tone and story that I want to see return to form

      • I never thought the day would come when I’d consider FE8 as “returning to form”, but I agree. Even though this was my most disliked game before Awakening came out.

        But honestly, it’s not impossible for them to make something as great as the previous console games. The features they add simply need to be there for the betterment of story and gameplay, and not for the sake of a hollow “endgame” and easy DLC vectors like pretty much all 3DS games are guilty of. Mechanics like those hurt the classic Fire Emblem formula and end up bending the setting apart through the way they are written into the story.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    If Nintendo is mentioning Three Houses in the video, the game will have a good amount of time in the spotlight. Maybe at least 10 minutes of Three Houses.

    • BladeLord Lyn

      Yeah pretty much since that happen before with other focused titles!

  • 100%B-Type

    11:00 p.m.? Oh well, work starts at 5:00 a.m. so this is fine~
    I hope there is no message about some DLC which cost more than the game itself…please no!

  • mrkisukes

    Well it’s about damn time…

  • Entermaid The Elegant

    Ignoring that “specific” user here like wow….I’m so excited that its gonna be focused so much time it needs from the 8 month absence can’t wait to see what’s going down!

  • dmurr

    I’ll bet the game comes out late April or May.