Belgium: Fire Emblem Heroes Unavailable from 27th August 2019

Belgian fans who booted up Heroes today may have been shocked when checking the in-game notifications. As Nintendo issued an announcement that the game is set to be discontinued in Belgium.

From Tuesday 27th August 2019, services will end for the game and it will become impossible to start the game or even download it. However, fans have been reassured that they can still continue to spend their Orbs until that date.

If you missed all the kerfuffle last year, the Belgium Gaming Commission passed a law in April 2018 declaring loot boxes to be illegal (source). There hasn’t been a consensus whether summoning counts, but it seems Nintendo doesn’t want to risky a hefty fine.

For those of you in Belgium who still play the game, there is a fairly simple way to get around the ban before it happens. Assuming you’ve linked your game to a Nintendo Account, all you have to do is log in via the website, then edit the “country/region of residence” in your profile.

This will allow you to keep playing the game after the ban is in place. Changing your region may have some minor side effects though. For instance, Gold Coins from your original region will become temporarily unavailable if your new region has a different currency.

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