Three Houses: E3 Nintendo Direct Announces Release: July 26, 2019, with Trailer

Nintendo’s E3 direct started of immediately with a Super Smash Bros Ultimate showcase, bringing in a shadow Marth getting his butt kicked by Dragon Quest’s, before several other alts of the eponymous luminairy showcase their moves in a very beautiful display. T’was a rough start for our franchise. Something much better came along though…

We got a long-awaited view of Fire Emblem Three Houses, showcasing all of our lord characters, as well as some villains, loads of English voice acting, and the three house leader’s grown up selves? I certainly can’t do it justice, but if you happen to have been keeping up with leaks on Reddit, perhaps /u/Thanibomb can elighten you on more details. They brought quite a bit to light way ahead of time, so an accolade is due!

I’m sure VincentASM will follow me up with a stellar analysis, as he always does


*Edit: NintendoUK posted on YouTube, the trailer, so here it is for you.

FE Three Houses is set to release on July 26, 2019, so get your wallets ready!

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  • God I’m certain my jaw fell off while watching that new trailer 😀

    • Sherolox

      it went so fast, the first time watching it, I mistook Dimitri for Byleth.

      • I didn’t do that but my brain spent awhile processing the trailer, I wasn’t really paying attention to the direct for a little while after the trailer finished.

  • J42

    Yes there’s a time-skip! I hope this gives us really fleshed-out characters and an epic story!

    • I really hope that if any of the students died before the time-skip they’ll be mentioned by some of the surviving characters after the time-skip, maybe we’ll see memorials for them when they go back to the Monastery.

      • They’ll most likely just retreat if they die before that point. New IS is not exactly known for effort.

        • I did think of that too. But remember back in the February trailer they said about dealing with things like bandits “These may be class assignments but the stakes in each battle are very real. Whether your students live or die will depend on your leadership.” So I don’t think my idea is too into the realms of fantasy.

  • CombatMagi

    It mentioned that time is open to us can we go between the times and effect relations in the past changing relations in the future?

  • kiwa

    so excited about the timeskip

  • fortuntek

    They showed the Treehouse icon during the trailer, so they’ll be showing live gameplay right? Does anyone know when it starts?

    • Sherolox

      Hope you were able to watch it today! If not just watch the VOD on YouTube or Twitch.

  • Killuawatt

    So Thanibomb was right. At least about some things.

  • nainelaine

    i really got “be careful who you call ugly in middle school”d by dimitri.. i kind of wish they had left the timeskip to be a surprise, but its sounding like itll be a huge factor into the game play (“both sides of time are open to you”).. so i can forgive them for this. im suddenly really excited for the game, and i am VERY interested in dimitri suddenly. not just because i like hard edgy guys with eyepatches i swear..looks like his character development will be the most interesting out of the main trio..

    • James Richardson III

      I wasn’t sure if there would even be a timeskip, but the trailer put those thoughts to rest.

    • Suicunesol

      I think it was necessary. 😡 Hype for the game wasn’t that high. It’s nice to keep cool things a secret, but you have to let people know cool things are there in the first place.

      It’s not too bad, though. When I played Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I knew well in advance that there was a child and adult phase, and it didn’t harm my experience at all.

      The fact that there’s a timeskip now shows me that there is more to Three Houses than a classroom simulator.

      • nainelaine

        well, when i think about this stuff i think back to my experiences with Awakening specifically. i did not know any of the twists and went in blind and it was SUPER exciting and engaging! so to reveal stuff thats on par with awakening’s twists (i dont know how awakening was advertised at all) sort of bummed me out. but you’re right, it has also hyped me up for the game! but i think of it as something i’d have want to seen for myself naturally in the game

        • Big Klingy

          Awakening’s western marketing spoiled Lucina and a lot of other twists, I’m pretty sure.

          • Sherolox

            oh smash bros certainly did that too.


            Smash 4 wasn’t that kind to people that haven’t played Awakening.
            I remember Etika (I get he’s kinda infamous in our community) spoiling a lot of people with Marth being Lucina.

      • Semi Colon Parenthesis

        “Hype for the game wasn’t that high.”
        Where have you been? It’s been pretty high lately due to the influx of news the past 2 months after being left in the dark for a year.
        I agree and disagree. While there’s plenty of reasons to show there’s a time skip, one being for people like me who want to plan ahead; it does ruin the surprise for some who are more “sensitive” to spoilers. Oot is a very old game, and is well known for it’s timeskip/travel mechanic like FE 4 is for it’s two generations. Granted I have met people who were oblivious to that.

        • Druplesnubb

          All those news wer eposted in a Japanese video game magazine and on Japanese twitter. Very few people actually know about it, especially outside of Japan. And even among those who took part in the news there was still a notable amount of criticism over the emphasis on the school, the homogenous character designs and the lack of a defined conflict.

        • Suicunesol

          All I see from people on news sites lately is how much they hate the character designs, or how IS has run out of ideas, or how it doesn’t have a Fire Emblem feel. There is not much optimism for it. That kind of reception will kill the game before it even has a chance to prove itself.

  • Dimitri evolved into Snow from Lightning Returns.

  • Shenai

    And I still don’t own a Switch…

  • Iratana

    The soundtrack sounds incredible, I’m so hyped for this game!

  • Sherolox

    I know leaks are unstoppable, but I hope I’m not the only one who hates leaks for their spoilery nature.
    The time skip and a lot of other things too would have been a huge reveal (even if it was already hinted in the very first game trailer by who we presumed to be Edelgard. Though back then Christina Vee still voiced her and that just recently got changed to Kira Buckland, we assume. Maybe that hinted timeskip got Vee kicked out? It’s a bit of a far stretch, but possible…) if thanibomb didn’t leak so much essential info.
    I’m surprised Nintendo didn’t get their leaks handled, but maybe the FE fanbase was just a bit too hungry for new information and someone just had to drop the thanibomb? (haha bad joke/10)
    And avoiding youtube, twitter and so on just because of leaks is just something I don’t want to do.