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Vestaria Saga I Official English Translation Launching 27th December 2019

It’s been a long journey, but the official English translation of Vestaria Saga I will be coming out on 27th December 2019, under a new subtitle “War of the Scions”.

The game will be available to purchase on Steam for 19.99 USD. For the record, the original game was distributed for free, but you’re paying for the time and effort that went into the translation (plus potential licensing fees etc.).

For those who are new and perhaps completely confused, Vestaria Saga is a new series of strategy RPGs created by Shozou Kaga, one of the creators of the Fire Emblem series. Although we’re mainly a Fire Emblem website, we do like to dabble with Kaga’s games because they’ve got the same “DNA”.

However, we must stress that Vestaria Saga is extremely low budget; it was created by Kaga and a small group of like-minded volunteers in their spare time using what is basically the Fire Emblem version of RPG Maker. So don’t expect amazing graphics or the polish of a professionally designed game.

What makes Vestaria special is the sheer passion that’s gone into it. A lot of thought has gone into the map design, characters and world-building. Also, each battle map is chock-full of events–and victory often requires cleverly puzzling out the maps, in addition to how you use your units.

Anyway, please continue for the launch trailer and press release!

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Three Houses: E3 Nintendo Direct Announces Release: July 26, 2019, with Trailer

Nintendo’s E3 direct started of immediately with a Super Smash Bros Ultimate showcase, bringing in a shadow Marth getting his butt kicked by Dragon Quest’s, before several other alts of the eponymous luminairy showcase their moves in a very beautiful display. T’was a rough start for our franchise. Something much better came along though…

We got a long-awaited view of Fire Emblem Three Houses, showcasing all of our lord characters, as well as some villains, loads of English voice acting, and the three house leader’s grown up selves? I certainly can’t do it justice, but if you happen to have been keeping up with leaks on Reddit, perhaps /u/Thanibomb can elighten you on more details. They brought quite a bit to light way ahead of time, so an accolade is due!

I’m sure VincentASM will follow me up with a stellar analysis, as he always does


*Edit: NintendoUK posted on YouTube, the trailer, so here it is for you.

FE Three Houses is set to release on July 26, 2019, so get your wallets ready!