Heroes: Legendary Hero Eliwood, Blazing Knight, Coming 6/28

As we know from the Calendar, a new Legendary Hero is set to drop in a few days. The trailer for it just came, and it’s bringing some love for Blazing Sword, literally, in Eliwood: Blazing Knight,

Eliwood: Blazing Knight, is a Wind-affinity Duel Blessed Legendary Hero, and is a mounted red sword cavalry. He comes with the Pair Up feature, as expected, and also a unique C skill, Visions of Arcadia, which supports non-Human (non-Beorc?) characters in a pretty complex way. Additionally, he brings a new dual-Rally skill, in Rally Spd/Res+.

On June 28, until July 5, Eliwood: Blazing Knight is available for summon, and of course, he’ll bring his other Heroes, available at 8% just like other traditional Legendary Hero banners. The other available heroes will be:

  • Blue
    • Ephraim (Legendary)
    • Lucina (Legendary)
    • Selkie
  • Colorless
    • Robin (Legendary)
    • Sakura (Hot Springs)
    • Veronica
  • Green
    • Gunnthra
    • Hinoka (Hot Springs)
    • Yune
  • Red
    • Hrid (New Year’s)
    • Ryoma (Legendary)

For more details on Eliwood: Blazing Knight, click Read More.

For the Japanese trailer, click here.

Eliwood: Blazing Knight

Art: Wada Sachiko

Voice: Yuri Lowenthal

  • Ardent Durandal
    • 16 Mt | 1 Rng
    • Grants Atk +3. At start of turn, grants [Bonus Doubler] to ally with the highest Atk.
      • [Bonus Doubler] Grants bonus to Atk/Spd/Def/Res during combat = current bonus on each of unit’s stats for 1 turn. Calculates each stat bonus independently.
  • Rally Spd/Res+ (Assist)
  • Death Blow 4 (A)
  • Chil Atk 3 (B)
  • Vision of Arcadia (C)
    • At start of turn, if a dragon or beast ally is deployed, grants Atk/Def +6 to ally with the highest Atk for 1 turn.
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