Nintendo Direct Announces Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore for Switch, Jan 2020

Yep, you heard it here folks, if you didn’t hear about it on the Nintendo Direct that just ran, that is.

The Switch will get its upgraded version of the previously Wii U exclusive, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, as Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore.

This re-release is an upgraded that comes with a handful of upgrades, but very few new features were described. What was shown, though, included the announcement of a new song, as well as Tiki being no longer restricted to being non-playable.


It’s slated for release on January 17, 2020, but pre-orders are available later today.

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  • Aversa’s tits are still clouded it seems. That’s a no-go.

    • CombatMagi

      I will take the minor censoring as long as they get rid of that stupid hip hop “true self” bullshit.

    • Kneekicker

      I’m just hoping that the censors seen is due to the all-ages nature of the Directs and the actual game isn’t gonna be having any of it. Censorship’s been considerably looser ever since the Wii U era, so it’d be a shame to see a step being taken back.

      NGL, would still buy the game even if the old censorship is retained. I’ll just end up playing the entire gravure chapter with a mildly pouty face.

    • xanxibar

      You’re the same guy who got upset at gay romance in Three Houses. Don’t pretend like you only care about the issue because of “censorship”.

      • I didn’t get “upset at gay romance”. I was annoyed at the fact that people want to have more romance options in a game that is better off without it. Had the person asked for anything else within the same topic I would’ve jumped on it as well, I can guarantee you that much.

  • MarthKoopa

    Tsubasa in glasses makes me happy

  • Lloyd21

    nice, could never play this one because i didnt own a wii u, now they remake this, xenoblade 1, seiken densetsu 3 and dragon quest 11 for switch…….guess i wont be seen outside anywhere next yearxD

  • Carrie

    Personally never liked this game. FE3H is the most SMT x FE we’ll get (and even that’s kind of a stretch). But I guess it exists on the Switch now? So, that’s two SMT x FE games we have.

  • 3-13 Archer

    The game that managed to trigger two fanbases at once with the dumb idol thing, and then fans of the actual game because its censorship. I wonder if there’s still hope for all of you who want it uncensored.

  • 100%B-Type

    Awww shucks, not translated to german.

  • hahaha no

    this game was one massive dumpster-fire that needed to stay on the Wii U smh

  • xanxibar

    I bought this game because I didn’t care about the so-called censorship (really the only people upset over it are perverted pieces of shit who want to jack it to animu panties and tits–you’ll never see them complain about games that censor sexy content aimed at women or gay men). However it’s actually pretty boring and kind of dumb that half the female playable characters summon male Fire Emblem characters instead of female characters. Anyway I never finished it. I’ll probably still re-buy it on Switch just out of morbid curiosity.