Cipher Summer 2020 Livestream Recap: New cards galore and upcoming events!

Welcome to our recap of the Summer 2020 episode of the regularly scheduled show about Fire Emblem Cipher, where Intelligent Systems broadcasts news about the Japanese trading card game.

Card artwork of Chrom (and Lucina) from Awakening, shared by the official Twitter account, @FEcipher, shortly before the show.

We’ll be touching on the highlights of the livestream for all your Cipher needs, so continue reading to learn more.

We begin today’s show with Cipher producer Ryota Kawade (left), Kubocchan from Intelligent Systems (right), and Fire Emblem series voice actress Yuuki Kuwahara (center).

As per tradition, they have Ms. Kuwahara act a few card quotes of her characters, in this case Hilda from Three Houses and Niamh from Cipher. Sneakily, the Niamh card they use during this part is being introduced for the first time ever and is for the upcoming set. (The Hilda is from the previous Series 21.)

Here’s a quick update about Cipher merch: More is on the way to the Fire Emblem Online Shop starting August 24th! From legacy card sleeves to elusive playmats originally from Comiket events, these will be up for sale soon. And for the first time they will also be selling all-new deck boxes themed after various Three Houses characters.

The focus of this episode is on the Series 22 booster pack releasing on October 1st in Japan. Known as The Heroes’ Paean, it is an all-star set to cap off the trading card game and features a wide range of Fire Emblem titles, as you are just about to see.

Here are all the extra goodies you can find in any box of the final booster. In lieu of sneak peek promo cards, we have a double set of 5th anniversary commemorative promos between male Robin or female Corrin and male or female Byleth. And while supplies last, boxes will also include 5 copies of special card sleeves in one of two designs.

Purchases of new booster boxes (or 16 packs equivalent) at during the launch period of Series 22 at select retailers may also bundle one of three acrylic keychains based on Marth, male Corrin, or male Byleth!

At around the same time in October, officially sponsored card shops across Japan will begin handing out the next round of promo cards to tourney participants! There are six in total which can be pulled from these special packs.

From October 1st to October 11th, select stores will also host Cipher card games in the pack battle format, in which you play using a deck built only with your newly purchased cards. Participating will let you take home your own pack battle-exclusive cards to play at home. Full details including which stores will be hosting can be found on the official site.

Lastly, for more officially sponsored competitive play, here is a reminder that Cipher Arena matches have updated their prize playmats to a new purple design with Byleth for top cut players. Participating will continue to award promo cards based on the two as always. Full details can be found on the official site.

Note: It isn’t mentioned anywhere on the site at this time, but Mr. Kawade stated today in no uncertain terms that the national championship qualifiers and finals, along with the Everyone’s Cipher Gathering in December, are all postponed to 2021.

Up next, a batch of new cards revealed.

Our next segment introduces special guests Yuu Kobayashi (left) and Tomokazu Sugita (right), voice actors of Lucina and Chrom from Awakening.

Ms. Kobayashi gets to voice one of Lucina’s new cards revealed earlier this week, while Mr. Sugita follows up with voicing Chrom’s all-new Super Rare, which the card itself is being shown off for the first time.

Afterwards, the following new booster cards were revealed.

During Mr. Kawade’s All Night Cipher segment, various fan works and heartfelt messages were shared amongst the cast aplenty, with one entrant winning a unique playmat based on today’s show. A few also mentioned past card artworks including Palla, Sigurd and Deirdre, and Exalt Lucina being their favorites. For the next episode’s prompt, they want to hear fans’ memories with Cipher.

Now, let’s look at the last round of new cards for today!

Hope you enjoyed the show! The next episode won’t be like past ones…it will be the very last.

The final Cipher livestream airs September 26th and, among regular hosts Mr. Kawade and Kubocchan, will see appearances by Michihiko Hagi (voice of Ike from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn), Lynn (voice of Azura from Fates), Yusuke Kozaki (Fire Emblem series artist), and Tsutomu Kitanishi from Intelligent Systems.

That wraps up this episode’s recap! Look forward to more updates in the coming weeks as we get closer to the final set’s release.

Feel free to visit our forums to talk about Cipher if you have any questions or are looking to share your love for the card game!

Fire Emblem Cipher’s next and very last booster expansion set, The Heroes’ Paean, will be available from Japan starting October 1st!

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