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Serenes Forest Talent Showcase | June-mmunity Fanartist Month – Day 5 (Goldtectonic)

The Fire Emblem fanbase features talent of all kinds, and while some find their art production limited to in their own studios, others are able to take their work on the go and attend conventions in which to showcase and sell their talented creations. Goldtectonic is one such artist, as she’s visited cons, such as Fanime in California, to show off her goods, but also is quite active on her various social media outlets.

It took a while for Heroes to bring us Kinshi Knights, but it didn’t take long for fans to appreciate them.

In celebration of the new Ryoma and Hinoka variants released by the Fire Emblem Heroes team, look no further for a satisfied fan then GoldTectonic’s Ryoma and Hinoka charms! Preorders for these two are open until June 24, so if you want to get your hands on a Blue Sky Warrior or Supreme Samurai of your own, and haven’t had the good fortune in Heroes to summon one yourself, here’s a good way to fill that Hoshidan hole in your heart.

That’s pretty big, if you ask me!

Her prints can be found here as well, of course, and it should be mentioned that while she definitely is a fan of Ryoma in his Kinshi Knight form, her talent can be seen all over her charms availability, spreading out from the Fire Emblem Awakening cast to Fire Emblem Heroes cast (and this includes other variants of Ryoma, plus even some love for Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia).

This is a pretty diverse set, as you don’t see too many Frederick, Niles or Laslow charms.

Gold’s very active on her Twitter, and her charms can be found on her TicTail. With as active as she is in the fanart community, it’s worth paying her a visit and seeing what she’s able to create next!

If you’d like to show support for the community, pay them a visit at their respective Etsy, Twitter or otherwise listed pages above (anything bolded can be clicked). Give them a follow or a share, or pick one of their creations up for yourself if you’re able and interested.

If you want to have your work showcased on Serenes Forest, contact me (Elieson) on our forums and I’ll do my best to feature you and your talents. Bear in mind that June will feature more of a crafts lineup, while December will be our Draw-cember event, featuring talent more akin to drawings, paintings and the like.