Fire Emblem Fates Localization Woahs and Woes

The past few weeks have been rough for fans of the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates trio, Birthright, Conquest and Revelation. Controversy has risen regarding translations and localizations regarding three characters in particular. Rhajat and Niles have been able to get out of the fray with little more than complaints at their localized names over Shara and Zero, but Soleil hasn’t been so lucky.


The short version is that the supports regarding Soleil and Male!Corrin were modified, to remove part of it which stated that Corrin secretly slipped a magic powder into Soleil’s tea, to help her get over her fear of being around cute girls. This has been interpreted as non-consent and if followed all the way through, can be interpreted as though Corrin is drugging Soleil to fall in love and marry him. This started incredible controversy and essentially formed a dichotomy within the fandom, and has impacted the opinions of gaming purists and homosexual equalists alike.

I would recommend readers to check out this article (by Serenes Forest translator Kirokan) that provides a well-researched analysis into the topic.

Further controversy seems to be arising from the recent article posted by Kotaku, stating that after an interview with Nintendo representatives, there is confirmation that the skinship feature will be removed in its entirety.

Skinship in Fire Emblem Fates is a support boosting mechanic that allows you to use your touchscreen to caress your army members from the neckline, up, with intent to boost support ranks and acquire otherwise hard-to-get items.


While the [ ! ] icon still remains on the My House within your My Castle, it’s questionable as to if this will be removed in its entirety and replaced with something else, or altered in a way that its title is simply unique from its previous one.

This confirmation came to Nathan Grayson of Kotaku, but was not posted, so it leaves a bit up to interpretation. I myself have sought out contact with several assumed voice actors in hopes to confirm or deny this.

On a lighter note, some new translation confirmations are well, confirmed. Videos have been released by GameXplain, ProJared and Polygon, covering Chapter 10 of Conquest and Chapter 13 of Birthright. Click the links above to check them out.


We have some not so out of the blue confirmations, such as:

• Saizou | Saizo
• Kazahana | Hana
• Tsubaki | Subaki
• Mozume | Mozu
• Kagerou | Kagero
• Ganz | Hans

We have some unchanged units, such as:

• Oboro
• Hinata
• Felicia

And we have some out of the park translations, such as:

• Crimson | Scarlet
• Yuugiri | Reina
• Tsukiyomi | Hayato
• Nishiki | Kaden


Class and Skill names have been changed up a bit as well, featuring such notable differences as:

• Pegasus Warrior | Sky Knight
• Youko | Kitsune
• Confined Defence | Natural Cover
• Eastern Heart | Camaraderie

Furthermore, some terminology has been confirmed, such as the official name of the reclassing item, recognized as the Parallel Seal, or perhaps the Marraige Seal, now known as the Heart Seal, and magical turrets referred to as Fire Orbs.

Lastly, wireless multiplayer mode, both local and online, has been confirmed.


Fire Emblem Fates is slated to release on February 19, 2016 in the US and other North American regions. Still no word on an EU release.

*screenshots provided by SF Admin VincentASM, SF User TohruAdachi, and the linked videos

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  • Caio Vinicius
  • FinalFight

    In regards to the skinship censorship, err on the side of caution when reporting on it; the direct quote from Nintendo has no proper context, and could be Kotaku misinterpreting or misrepresenting what was said… both things that Kotaku is very frequently known to do.

  • キロ

    Was it Youkai or Youko before that was changed to Kitsune?

    • Joseph Rogers

      Youkai, but the fantraslation was Fox-Spirit

      • キロ

        How odd, his class is listed 妖狐 (youko) (in Famitsu anyway, II’ll have to check the game again, but I assume they’re right) which is just another way to refer to Fox Spirit. Wondering where Youkai came from. xD

        EDIT: Checked his profile too! It’s also 妖狐 (youko), so will inform Vincent. : )

  • Jose

    Elise better not be removed entirely. Because without her, it wouldn’t feel right.

  • Geoffrey Kappenberg

    Start with the base audience for this game.

    Then remove the percentage that doesn’t keep up with minor details like these (probably a whole lot; over 50%).

    Then remove the percentage that isn’t actually bothered by this news.

    Then remove the percentage that isn’t bothered enough and dogmatic enough to boycott the game on mere principle.

    Then compare that remaining population to the potential population that would be lost due to the negative publicity of these features and/or the hassle of potentially receiving an M rating.

    It’s unfortunate to see something get outright removed, but regardless of anyone’s personal preference, the reasoning checks out. It’s just a pity that it had to happen in this…political climate. It’s getting to the point where the kind of routine localization changes nobody paid attention to 3 years ago are going to be blown out of proportion just so people can keep getting mad.

  • Bob Smith

    Some name changes are interesting, while some are weird.

    Also, RIP Skinship ;_;

    I wanted to stroke my waifus. But Kotaku can be bitch about info, so let’s wait and see.

    • Stolen Goods

      I guess they genuinely doubt the general populus’ ability to pronounce names with “ts” in them.

      Looks like that fanslation will come in handy after all.

  • Pokenar

    I am against censorship, and I am greatly disappointed to see the removal of a feature with potentially no replacement. but my wish to play the game outweighs my disappointment. I’ll still get the game, but as of recent years I’ve been less and less of a fan of Nintendo.

  • Asher Crane

    A lot of these things I’m… ok? with? I’ll still say Tsubaki just because I end up naturally saying tsu when I’m saying a japanese anyway… but Saizo without a U just looks really dumb to me. Ryouma to Ryoma and stuff like that I can live with. I can even live with rinkah getting an extra H. But Saizo by itself looks… short. Cut off almost.

    The only other thing that bothers me is the fact that Kaden is on the hoshido side, so it makes sense for him to have a japanese looking name. The name Kaden… isn’t.

    I liked the name eastern heart over camaraderie because it sounds better and more hoshidan to me (also probably because I couldn’t spell camaraderie without looking at it, which is not normal for me), but I’m not too bitter about it.

  • So sad about the Skinship feature… I really hope there’s still hope and that they will “”just”” change some dialogues in it and stuff but not remove it completely. It really would be unfair !

  • Scoops Of Smashing (Justin)

    so who is able to marry Soleil? Male or Female Corrin?

    • Adrien Brown

      Only male supposedly

      • Scoops Of Smashing (Justin)

        I actually found out that the way it was in the JAP version she never could marry a female from what I read. They removed a pointless part

  • Adrien Brown

    Im not going to lie, seeing the removal of the skinship feature is kind of saddening.. Im not so mad that the skinship feature itself might be removed but my thing is, like is there no way they can just censor the dialogue? To me I see no reason why a whole feature should be terminated but I mean hey that’s just my opinion…. It sort of just feels like were getting “part’ of the game…. Plus RIP me trying to train my mind to say the english names instead of the Japanese ones ;_;

  • chris123sm

    Apparently murder,incest,corruption,suicide etc are ok for this game; but rubbing the face of animated characters is where NOA draws the line.

    Honestly don’t even care about the amie thing, but to cut even content like that from the game is ridiculous. Why should we get a watered down version of a game.

    • Metatron

      Yes especially given that its an entirely optional feature.

      • Franchezco Marice Lamont

        The optional meme is done dude. It’s even proven, in text above, that it’s used to get the better weaponry and items. It’s not really optional when you play harder difficulties.

        • Metatron

          I think you have a fundamental misunderstanding about what “Optional” means.

          Censorship is wrong. I don’t need NOA deciding whats “appropriate” for me. Just give it to me and I will make my own decisions.

          • Franchezco Marice Lamont

            Censorship is one thing. But I’m talking about the optional argument. It’s been done to death and it’s like saying, because one game is made up of optional content, you then can’t judge it as a whole.

          • Nicolas Thresh

            If the content is not optional and thus integral then cutting it would be an even worse offense, since I am now objectively paying for an incomplete game.

            If the content was optional (which from what I’ve seen of the plays, it seems to be since there’s many ways of obtaining items and supports) then it remains just a rather inane censoring of a minor silly feature.

          • Franchezco Marice Lamont

            If it’s such an offence then why is IS taking this so lightly. Why was it removed if it’s so insulting, but IS said “Ok, you can remove that content”? That’s localization. What does IS have to say about this?

            I’m not sure you know. While I understand where you’re coming from (and I respect your view to original creators), do you know why the petting was added? Because, Awakening created an accident fanbase all about the waifu’s and etc. and IS got a lot of money because of it. Why do you think petting was put in the first place, for money, not respect or moral art. This is the gaming industry. Did you seriously think petting would be put in and everything would go hunky dory?

            “You took out my petting, I’m insulted.” Really? … … Really? Aren’t we grown men?

          • Nicolas Thresh

            You’re putting words in my mouth. I do not care for the petting itself that much personally, but that has little to do with the issue I was addressing. I was addressing your claim that the petting minigame was not optional. If that were the case, then that would be a serious issue. That means you cannot complete that game without it and NoA just sold you an incomplete game. Thankfully that does not seem to be the case.

            Maybe you meant to say that the minigame was consequential. Something can be both optional and consequential at the same time. They are two different spectrums.

            The petting minigame is both. There are tangible rewards and benefit to it (items, support points) thus consequential. But you do not NEED to use it to beat the game (you can grind, use My Castle etc.) thus optional.

            On the flipside, something can be mandatory or integral and inconsequential at the same time. Like a cut scene for example. Ok sure you can skip it, but you have to at least go by it before completing the game, thus mandatory. But you do not usually gain any rewards or benefits from it, thus inconsequential.

          • Franchezco Marice Lamont

            You’re right. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to put it that way.

            Consequential? Idk, maybe. This feature only gives you rare items and support bonuses, but whether they’re optional or not, it can’t be said as an excuse. Sometimes, optional isn’t the kind of optional where it’s okay where you use it or not, whether you miss out on anything or otherwise.

            True, it’s not needed to beat the game, but it bleeds into other core aspect of the game. Here it’s the support. It’s there to either be used or not to be used for your ‘run’, and whether you use it or not will determine if everything will go smoothly and easily or just outrageously hard. It’s outbalanced. Any feature that gives you a strategic or statistical advantage is never optional.

            “I’m playing Nohr on the hardest difficulty, I can’t grind, I can’t beat it.”
            “Have you tried the face touching feature?”
            “Yeah, about that…”

            If you don’t use it, you’re being penalized for having taste, gameplay wise and game time wise.

          • Nicolas Thresh

            See now you’re just contradicting yourself for the sake of argument.
            “optional isn’t the kind of optional where it’s okay where you use it or not.” “Any feature that gives you a strategic or statistical advantage is never optional.”
            So is it or is it not optional? And the second quote is patently false. No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to maximize every stat and feature imaginable. That is your prerogative. The definition of an option is something you do not need to complete something else but can if you choose. Difficulty is irrelevant. And even if it was, I’ve seen videos of Nohr playthroughs that “run smoothly” without having to touch anyones face, so I dont know where you get that “smooth with/impossible without” dichotomy from.

            Look I get that you think it is an important feature. That is a perfectly fine opinion to have. But you can’t claim that “optional is a meme” to support your claims. That is just flat false, and hurts your position more than helps.

          • Franchezco Marice Lamont

            You missed my point by nitpicking not all of my full sentence. Good optional is something you can decide on that doesn’t effect the games entirly. Nothing dramatic changed and can easily be ignored.
            Borderlands has so many guns, their optional. If your not happy with the guns you find and your happy with the ones you’re using, it’s okay, cause you can manipulate this optional for better optional mechanic. Sell the guns for money.
            Bad optional content is when it’s obviously optional, but really… you end up needing it.
            I’m going to assume you played Awakening, Lunatic+, Classic mode. I’m sure you know this was claimed as a bitch. You’re forced to use everything optional. Marriage Supports, Grinding, etc. They’re even back in fates, optional, and yet now bleeded into core aspects of the game, which means anyone who plays this game is going to use them, either they like or not.
            Now I don’t care if you’ve seen ‘runs’ of Nohr. Because you still haven’t played it. You can’t say it’s easy until you can have the experience, which means I’m not listening to your opinion. Especially when people have said it is hard and that it’s difficulty ramps up to almost Tharcia 779, one of the hardest of FE games.

            The reason why it’s a meme is because it’s used to deflect arguments, instead of using it as a positive.

          • Nicolas Thresh

            I’m curious if you’ve played this game yet yourself if you’re so quick to dismiss someone else for their lack of hands-on experience. I never made any claims of ‘easiness’ either, I only said I’ve seen it done without much issue without using the minigame. See you keep making claims like it’s ‘never optional’ or ‘anyone who plays’ has to use the function. What about the vast majority of the people who don’t do Lunatic+ runs? Can they not finish the game without it? And if it’s such a necessity why was it cut? That means no one can finish the game without it now.

            I get that you don’t like the petting minigame, I’m not huge on it myself, but you can’t just deflect the argument yourself that it was an optional feature by just saying it’s a ‘meme’. You can argue that it’s ‘good or bad’ optional, that’s a valid opinion, but you can’t just outright say it’s not an option.

          • Metatron

            Once again, I don’t need Nintendo of America deciding whats in my localized version of the game. If I don’t want it I wont use it. Nintendo should have no say in cutting out content for certain countries. Thats what we call censorship. Being a “grown man” has nothing to do with them cutting it. In fact its because I’m a grown man that I don’t need them to cherrypick shit out for my “benefit”, if its good enough for Japan its good enough for the rest of the world, to say otherwise is wrong especially since I’m the consumer, giving MY money. Its wrong and nothing you say is gonna change our minds about it.

          • Franchezco Marice Lamont

            Nothing will change your minds? That’s actually a good strong belief. But, you people can say “Pre-order cancelled, not getting it anymore.” Your loss. Hey, I didn’t want the petting feature to begin with and thought I wasn’t getting my money’s worth, yet I’m still waiting for release. Now people get thrown on to the same people who didn’t have much content whether it was there or not, and complain there isn’t enough content for their purchase. Welcome to the real world.

          • Nicolas Thresh

            You know you can be staunchly opposed to censorship and still look forward to the game right? Like I didn’t care about petting that much in the first place, so I will still purchase and enjoy the game. But the fact that Nintendo of America still seems to see it’s consumers as puritanical children who need to be protected from other cultures is kind of a worrying trend that should be discussed. I don’t think you can just say ‘well I didn’t like a cut feature, so who cares.’ That sets a precedent that consumers will just take whatever changes a publisher makes without a second thought.

          • Metatron

            Wow the world is so black and white to you. You think any a complaint is large enough to not still buy it in your eyes it would seem. But I will tell you at some point if this censorship goes beyond my tolerance I will simply not buy Fire Emblems Anymore. As it stands I don’t give a flying fuck about petting, and am opposed to its cut on principle. As for that SJW bullshit in regards to one Support Conversation I am opposed to personally. It being removed because some retards mistranslated and misinterpreted the conversation and NOA editing it for that group pisses me off. Let them not buy the game if they are so opposed and leave the rest of us have the intact product.

            Really Franchezco you need to stop caring what I’m complaining about because they are legitimate concerns and because YOU think the argument is tired doesn’t matter one bit into anyone’s mind except your own. News flash you can’t judge a whole without its optional parts. Is that clear enough for you? Thats what started this and now your arguing for the sake of argument.

          • Franchezco Marice Lamont

            I agree, that the whole localization matter can be taken to far. I mean, really… Fatal Frame. Digital Copy only… real stupid.
            But just because something is optional, it’s above critique? That’s what you think?
            You buy a burger with a side of fries, and the fries are burnt and disgusting, but it’s okay, their optional, I can’t judge the fast food store for making my food bad when I payed for it and expect quality.

          • Metatron

            critique it all you want. I don’t care. What I do care about is it is content that is being cut for arbitrary reasons. Slippery slope.

  • Bruce McDonald Jr.

    Thankfully they got rid of Pokemon petting. Content or not, it is not an idea that translates well outside of Japan, and if this game wants to be taken seriously then it made a step in the right direction.

  • Ale. A. Santi

    Why remove skinship…? i dont get it, is it a no-moral system for them or what…?

  • Linger

    Now i know why it was being released early, wasnt it supposed to release in summer? and they honestly couldnt tell us this earlier.

  • Dillon Xiong

    Pre-ordered the game because of the skinship with them waifus ._. now that it is possible it will be taken out, I’m still gonna get it for the S supports. XD


  • Cresneta

    Okay, so Vocaloid can get away with letting the player pet the Vocaloids in Project Diva F and Project Diva F 2nd in the west, but Fire Emblem can’t? Maybe Nintendo of North America is more uptight about these sorts of things than the North American branch of Sony or even Sega for that matter. I’m not really mad that it’s been removed, just kind of baffled since another Teen rated game already did something rather similar in the west…

  • Stolen Goods

    “Tsubaki | Subaki”

    “Pegasus Knight | Sky Knight”

    Thanks a lot, NoA.

    Also I’m gonna take anything Kotaku says with a grain of salt. Scratch that, an entire salt mine. A very salty salt mine. I’ll need all that salt if it ends up true.

    • Metatron

      Little things. You have to remember FE:A brought a lot of newer fans, especially those not versed in Japanese name pronunciations. The idea I think is that long time fans wont care so long as they get a translation and newcomers don’t care at all.

  • Diedis

    For the iteration that doubled down on the creepy waifu/husbando stuff it sort of makes no sense that they may remove those features…then again Kotaku
    Also were those name changes really necessary? And where’s my EU release date >.<

    • Pokenar

      A lot of the name changes don’t make much sense I find. I’m sure I’ll end up getting used to it though

  • Raiden

    That’s it Nintendo. I’m done. I’ll remember the good times we had, but until you start put the customer first again. I’m done. First Fatal Frame and now this? They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  • This makes me happy.

  • I’ve made it through a LOT of Fire Emblem games without ever having to rub anyone’s face, so I think I’ll be just fine. For all the added relationship stuff, Fire Emblem is still a turn-based battle strategy game for me, and I’d rather all supports be handled during combat: proximity, teaming up, sacrificing an attack to hold a conversation, etc. Face rubbing just seems like lazy development to me.

    • Precisely. The direction the series is taking is quite detestable imo. Sadly, seeing how successful Awakening was to non-FE fans, I fear the waifus, shitty FFTA grinding and overpriced DLC are here to stay.

      • Well, I’m not quite at “detestable.” What I love about FE is largely still intact (battle system and story/characters). I also felt the DLC in Awakening was well worth it, so we’ll see if I feel the same after Fates. My fear with things like face rubbing and amiibo support and training castles is that they’ll muddy the core mechanics and start to interfere with the experience as a whole. I guess it’s a risk we have to take in order to maintain the widespread appeal necessary to keep the series running.

        • I’d rather not start an argument here since we do agree somewhat on a few things, but I could argue for days how the battle system and characters in Awakening are far inferior to that of the previous entries in the series. However… Eh, screw it, it’s not like I have anything better to do lol.

          Awakening is a decent game, but is frankly one of the worst the series has to offer. The actual strategy component of the game is extremely lackluster as the map and unit diversity is at an all time low. You barely need to think about what you’re doing unless you’re playing the horribly imbalanced Lunatic or Lunatic+ difficulties, and those are just there to toss absurd numbers at you. Rushdown strategies can win literally any battle in Awakening with no repercussions, something that was never possible in the earlier games because you would always miss out on a unit or item and possibly lose units because the map structure favors the enemy.

          It’s open fields and empty castles all the way to the end of Awakening. This alone rips most of the strategy out of the game.

          That said, I DO respect that other people enjoy the game. I understand that some people just want a fun game to play once in a while, but I am way more hardcore about Fire Emblem than most people. That’s the reason I was severely disappointed in Awakening and what Fates is building on.

          • You’re right about lackluster maps. I attributed the relative ease to the ability to level up characters well beyond the enemy (I finished the final battle in three turns!), but the maps were less inspired than in the past. Perhaps it’s the combo of those two–along with all the DLC–that made Awakening the first Fire Emblem game I had no desire to play through more than once. Of course, that’s kind of the point of DLC…to give you something more to do than a New Game +.

  • Ember Hermin

    I get why they want to remove the drugging scene, but Tharja was hexing people against their will all the time and no one cared. (And I really think it’s beyond ridiculous to think of the support chain as conversion therapy.)

  • Metatron

    SJWs taking everything out of hand as usual. Converting what good they could doing by targeting the those of us who don’t want every little thing censored.

  • Nicolas Thresh

    Rep Quote from the Kotaku Article:
    “Yes, that is the case [that petting isn’t in the English version]. You might have heaerd somewhat misinterpreted or exaggerated information about the Japanese original game, but even in the Japanese original version, we have not included any features which are considered inappropriate in Japan.”

    Yeah, that’s kinda vague with no context. Sounded like he was asked if you’ll be cutting inappropriate stuff like petting people in the english version, and was like “Sure, but you were never really inappropriately ‘petting’ people jn the first place.”

    My best guess is maybe you’ll just get the Live3D portrait cutscene with limited or without the touch screen aspect. It would be really baffling to me to cut wholesale models from the data just for the few people sensitive to it. I’ve seen stranger though I guess.

    And yeah
    >Gawker Media website
    >any shred of credibility or integrity

  • SinLikeSnow

    Kotaku lied to us.
    Here is proof
    Straight from the mouth of Nintendo

    • Pokenar

      While possibly just a generic statement due to being someone way lower on the ladder, it brings up the question of, if Nintendo isn’t being public about it, why would they tell Kotaku? and why was only Kotaku told?

      • Nicolas Thresh

        Well from the looks of the actual quote itself, it seems like the writer asked his source specifically if features like touching faces were cut, to which he gave an answer that was basically “Yes, but your question was flawed.”

        The bigger question now remains how reliable the source is, and what the context of the question was since only a vague answer was provided.

    • Bob Smith

      Prove it!

  • Quote

    Though I am disappointed with the American localization stripping a lot of the original features such as Skinship, in the end we have to remember that Fire Emblem is a turned-based strategy game as it always has been, with things such as these being an extra flair to encourage a larger demographic into the series. But despite all that, in my point of view, there is a tremendous leap into “open-mindedness” with these localization with this game sorta pioneering it or at least following the trend. Like same-sex marriage seems to still an option, as well as incestual themes. Something not a lot of games like to cover due to the potential of a controversy, which we have seen Fates faced.

    Regarding Soleil, i’m quite interested on how her supports are going to go. I originally planned to S-support her a while back, and i’m even more interested to see what changes they made with her. With hopes they didn’t completely butcher it.

  • Kikirini

    I agree with the Soleil decision; gay conversion debate aside, I just think it’s a good idea to remove a conversation that shows her being essentially “drugged” by Corrin. (side note: She should have been bisexual, dammit. I wanted to romance her.)
    As for the petting, I’m a little disappointed about it being removed, if true. It helped build up supports in Nohr route. D:

  • Bob Smith

    Laslow and Benny are the real problems tbh.

    • “Laslow and Benny” sounds like the name of another bad children’s cartoon. But it’s impossible for me to hear the name Benny without thinking of Benny Hill, so that’ll make for some unintentional comedy.

    • Lyn

      I think Benny is actually a pretty cute name, and I was very worried about what they’d rename him so I’m glad to see it was something like this. Laslow…I got nothing xp

      • Bob Smith

        I don’t Benny because it is cutesy XD. I prefer Benoit, it fits his character more.

        As for Laslow, at least we know where he is going for the summer…

        • Lyn

          Actually, I think him being named Benoit might fit his character pretty well 😉 When I first read it, I thought “Maybe his name is Benoit still, he just tells everyong to call him Benny because he thinks it makes him look less intimidating” which seems like a thing Benoit would do x3 I actually wondered why they changed it, but appearently Benoit is also the last name of a wrestler who killed his family. In that case I think it’s fair it was changed, and Benny isn’t too bad.

  • Lyn

    Hey guys, so in case there is any doubt at all, I can confirm skinship is out. I just got this from Nintendo:


    The Nintendo of America versions of Fire Emblem: Fates (Conquest, Birthright, and Revelation) have been changed to not include the ability to touch various body parts to improve the relationships between the player and in-game characters. When we localize a game, we do so in order to make it appropriate for that particular territory. All our choices were made from that point of view. We want to assure you that your comments will be added to our records for this game and will be made available for other departments at the company to review and thoughtfully consider.


    Nintendo of America Inc.
    Gavin Heflin”

  • Pokenar

    IGN confirmed its removal, but you still get support bonuses

    Good enough for me

    • Nicolas Thresh

      I’m just hoping you can still view the live3D models somehow. I really don’t care about the touching faces part, but it just seems like such a waste of resources to remove so many detailed renderings in a game for such an asinine reason as ‘appropriateness’.

      That’s really my line-in-the-sand with censorship. Edit a costume or photo or some small detail, fine I get it, it’s a different culture blah blah. But cutting access to significant content, well that’s when my cogs really start grinding.

      • Pokenar

        Sorry if this counts as a spoiler, but at the very least, the Live2D models are used for confession scenes instead of the static CG used in Awakening, if that helps?

        • Nicolas Thresh

          Eh I guess it’ll do for now. That’s still a limited set of animations compared to the previous amount, but I’ve made my peace with the decision. I knew I was probably getting an altered version in the first place, but I just wish NoA would one day stop acting like it’s serving the kids table of video games.

  • Epsilon

    Guys take the amie thing with a grain of salt, kotaku is an unreliable source. I’ve seen very many posts saying “yes it is” “no its not” wait until the game is released to the public before making a big fuss over it

    • Lyn

      Well, the removal of touching itself has at least been confirmed by Nintendo. You still get the bonuses but it’s unclear how.

  • Ikewise

    No problem here.

  • Camus

    Haven’t played Fire Emblem in about four or five years, but I randomly visited the site for some unknown reason and the first thing I see is that Nintendo of America is up to their old shenanigans again.

  • Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from all of this, it’s that a lot of you are REALLY passionate about petting people’s faces…and that there’s some confusion out there about the difference between censorship and editing for content.

    • Lyn

      In fairness I don’t think it’s just about the petting. People were also worried that they wouldn’t get to see the Live2D models as much (since even with the confession scenes you’d only really get to see it once per playthrough unless you really liked grinding support points), and the minigame had a lot of dialogue, including a fair amount that fleshed out the characters and has been said to include the majority of the VA, that people also didn’t want to miss out on. Many were also worried that that had been removed along with the minigame. However so far, we don’t know if those are out, although we don’t know if those are still in either. We really just have to wait until someone shows it off in-game.

      • If the support conversations are lost, then I’ll share their disappointment, yes. Character development is one of the my favorite aspects of the series, after all. I’m just glad I won’t have to virtually pet anyone’s virtual face in order to see them…assuming they’re still there.

        • Lyn

          I agree that character development is one of my favourite aspects, and also I feel one of the most important. With so many characters, and a few who’s personalities boil down to a few traits, any development is very welcome and really helps you to actually conntect with these characters. It can also help with supports…I’ve already read one person saying that the minigame lines really fleshed out the two gay marriage candidates, since otherwise their supports were a bit lacking. You also lose out on some very important information about characters. So, hopefully, that’s still in, or they’ve at least found a way to include that information elsewhere in the game.

          A good point is the fact that you need to play the game to see the lines, which admittedly is an issue for those who are uncomfortable with the minigame, and perhaps makes it a bit less ‘optional’. Maybe it would have been better if there was a toggle for turning the petting on and off, so you could do it if you wanted or, if you didn’t could just press a ‘next’ or ‘skip’ button and get the ending dialogue and bonuses and items or whatever. That way you still won’t miss anything, but you wouldn’t have to engage in the actual minigame. I’m actually hoping that’s what they do here, keep the models and voice lines and etc., but just don’t have you needing to pet the character to get them, since we know that’s out. Of course, as to what they’ll actually do we still have no idea.

          In short, I think it would just be very unfortunate if they ‘threw the bucket out with the bath water’ as it were, and throw out a lot of great resources, lines, and character development while trying to get rid of one controversial minigame.