Fates: The 3rd Route, “Invisible Kingdom” Now Available

Slightly earlier than I expected; today, Nintendo of Japan released the mysterious “3rd route” DLC expansion for Fire Emblem Fates.


Known as Fire Emblem Fates: Invisible Kingdom, this DLC is a full length storyline where the player does not side with Hoshido and Nohr, instead seeking the truth behind the titular Invisible Kingdom.

Check out the teaser here, courtesy of Nintendo.

In terms of difficulty, Invisible Kingdom lies in-between that of Hoshido and Nohr, with the ability to participate in optional battles like in Hoshido. This route is also characterised by its many map gimmicks.

To purchase Invisible Kingdom, you must select the “Pave a new future” option, which is the bottom-left option before loading a save file.

(If you own the Special Edition, Invisible Kingdom can be downloaded for free before July 2016.)


Alternatively, if you bought a download code for the 3rd route, you can input this 16-digit code via the Dragon’s Gate, after gaining access to My Castle on the map.

Needless to say, my work just got a little harder!

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