Azura’s Necklace and Hundred Songs of Heroes Available Online (Japan-only)

A heads up for those who wanted to purchase merchandise from the 25th Anniversary Concert this weekend, but could not attend (or find somebody attending to help).

azura-necklace2 fe_box_futa_nyukou_ol

The two most valuable items–Azura’s necklace and the Hundred Song of Heroes–can now be ordered online via Otomart. During August, they can be ordered from Gee!store as well.

If you’re interested and have the funds to spare, don’t hesitate too long, as these items have been produced in limited numbers–the necklace in particular is limited to 700, many of which were already sold at the concert.

But be warned that these websites only ship to addresses in Japan. So if you don’t live in Japan (or have any friends or relatives there), you will need to seek a middleman (or friend) to assist you.

As for myself, I should have secured one of each item from the concert venue. Now, if only there was a Golden Gaffe DLC for real life…

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