Cipher: Introduction to Original Characters Emma and Shade

The official Fire Emblem Cipher site has added a new special column, “Emma and Shade at the Cipher Forefront“.


Originally teased way back in the first Fire Emblem Cipher livestream event, Emma and Shade are brand new characters designed specifically for the Cipher card game.

In this column, the two gals whimsically talk about topics pertaining to the card game–this time introducing the first series “Warblade of Heroes” and the upcoming second series “Soulful Flames of Light and Dark”.

For those who can’t read Japanese, pasu has kindly provided a translation of their discussion over here.

Of particular note, Emma and Shade’s cards will debut in the second series; their cards will be available from standard booster packs, mixed in with the characters of Fire Emblem Fates.

Shade_pic Emma_pic

Shade is the voluptuous-looking magic-caster; she describes herself as a wielder of dark magic and is referred to as the “Black Shadow Teacher” because of her exploits.

Emma meanwhile is the inexperienced-looking pegasus rider, who–according to herself–is a 13 year old trainee Pegasus Warrior who’s studying her hardest.

As you might expect, Shade is currently classified as a Nohr (black) card, while Emma is a Hoshido (white) card. Thus Shade and Emma will likely be enemies in the card game.

The first column ends with a rather dark twist, as the sound of a door locking is heard. When asked by Emma, Shade explains she’ll be “educating” Emma about the card game until tomorrow morning and there’s no escape… Whoa.

Update: To clarify, Shade isn’t actually doing anything dubious to Emma (besides locking her against her will, which is still pretty dubious, but in this case it’s played for laughs).

This column is published on an official site with an “all-ages” rating after all. Apologies if my article misled anyone; I was simply poking fun at their satire.

For those concerned, Emma is back to her cheerful self in the second column. Unless Shade brainwashed her memories (now this is definitely a joke… I think!).

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