Nohrian Festival of Bonds DLC Out Now!

Yep! DLC has hit the stage, and in more ways than one.


Japan’s next wave of DLC, Halloween Scramble, has been released. Much like the earlier Summer Scramble beach party DLC, this one features some spiffy themed official character artwork.

Xander_HSHere you can see Xander’s official CG in costume. Also, you can find one for Camilla, Leo, OboroSetsuna and Tsubaki.

In addition, a few dozen unique support conversations exists between your units. A full list of units that have special supports with each other can be found here. Translations are coming in fast, and can be found in our Halloween DLC Scramble thread.

Nohrian Festival of Bonds is available for 250 Yen to users with a Japanese 3DS and game(s).

Credit for Screenshots to SciresM for FEAT and gdkchan for Ohana3DS

Credit for Supports Availability List to SF User RidellCrimea, and translations to various SF users.

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  • Leo and Subaki are my favorites. X3 So cute! Camilla must have some Deeprealms physics in her. Her boobs are confusing.

  • Jasper Wieten

    Huh, no Elise? That’s surprising. Or did I miss something?

  • why though

  • why not though

  • Triston Bowens

    Anna has a Halloween costume. Wow…

  • nonbinare

    will this come to europe eventually?