Path of Radiance Design Works Arriving in July

During today’s eventful Fire Emblem Cipher Series 5 pre-release livestream, the hosts surprised us with the announcement of not one–but two Tellius art books releasing in Japan in the near future.


The first book, Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Design Works Tellius Recollection (Part 1), will be releasing on 29th July 2016. As you can guess, this book covers the first game in the legendary Tellius saga, Path of Radiance.

During the livestream, new artworks of Ike and Elincia were shown and an Amazon pre-order link was conveniently provided. According to Amazon, the book will contain 256 pages and will retail for 3,456 Yen (around 33 USD).

Additionally, a corresponding Radiant Dawn art book was teased at the same time. It appears the Nintendo Dream staff will be working on these books, like they did with the 25th Anniversary Making of Fire Emblem book and official Cipher guidebooks.


For those unsure of what to expect, these “design works” type of books generally feature many concept artwork and occasionally some official artwork and new guest artwork (like the Ike and Elincia ones shown). A good example is the Art of Awakening.

Finally, look out for an in-depth article from Kirie covering the rest of the Cipher livestream very soon. There’s a lot of great stuff for Elibe, Jugdral and Fates fans to get excited about!

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  • Kiru

    Welp, thats a must have for me <3 hopefully i can get my hands on it! Tellius saga was my favorites!

  • Christina_Puck

    Awesome. I want it. Coincidentally, I’m replaying PoR right now, too.

  • An Tran


  • Raheem Plummer

    Why do these books always only get released in Japan?