Fates: New Figures Shown at Wonder Festival 2016 (Summer)

Today, the second Wonder Festival of 2016 took place in Chiba, Japan. In recent years, Fire Emblem has made minor appearances at this premiere event for figure-collecting fans and this time was no different.

Firstly, the rather popular female Corrin from FE Fates is getting not one, but two figures. This is great news for those disappointed that female Corrin never got an Amiibo (although of course the budget range is different).

wfs2016-corrin-figma wfs2016-corrin-nendo

On the left we have a figma version co-developed by Max Factory and Good Smile Company. While those that prefer their cutesy figures can enjoy the nendoroid version on the right. Both should have exciting movable parts.

Next, we have a picturesque update for the Elise nendoroid revealed as a prototype during the previous Wonder Festival.


If your heart hasn’t melted after looking at this picture, there might be something wrong with you…

Finally, the remaining Nohrian princess, Camilla, looks to be getting a figure too.

Image: @hidunosuke

Image: @hidunosuke

This 1/7 scale figure is designed by Hiromitsu Kawagoe and sculptured by monolith, the company that produced the glorious Chrom Chara-Forme figure. We look forward to seeing it stand next to the 1/7 scale Tharja and Cordelia figures.

Right now, there’s no information about expected release dates or prices for any of the figures. Oh well, the waiting (and rabid saving-up money) game begins!

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  • Jonathan Golden

    Any word on pre-orders for figma Corrin? Been hoping they would make a figma at some point?

    • Justin

      It will probably be awhile, and there will be a few opportunities. Goodsmile’s site will have it on sale for preorder for a certain period, and then other sellers will get them after that. Or at least, that’s been my experience with figmas, anyways.

      • Jonathan Golden

        Yeah, your probably right. Pre-ordered Lucina on AmiAmi after the original Good Smile window.

        Just been really hype for this one because I really like Kamui’s design. Hope it has Omega Yato ^^

        • Justin

          I feel the same! I’m hoping to get my hands on that Camilla scale as well, I loved both characters. And I’m sure it will have the Omega Yato, and maybe even another form as well! You never really know what you’ll be getting with a figma, just that it’s cool!

  • Christina_Puck

    I want them and then I want to open a figure museum in my house.

  • An Tran

    So apparently there’s something wrong with me.

    • Aveyn Knight

      That or you’re one of the chosen few.

  • Michael Ingram

    Interesting that Camilla is being distributed by Intelligent Systems, rather than empty which did Chrom. Perhaps IS wants to make their own figure line?

  • Ale. A. Santi

    I need to rob a bank and get them all

  • Romar Dalauta

    Any updates on whether Camilla’s figure is going on sale soon or not?