Tellius Recollection Part 1 Out Now + Pre-orders for Part 2

Yesterday, the Path of Radiance art book Tellius Recollection (Part 1) was released in Japan. On the same day, Amazon Japan opened up pre-orders for Tellius Recollection (Part 2), which covers the sequel, Radiant Dawn.


At the moment, there are very few details about the Radiant Dawn book, except that it’s scheduled for release on 28th October 2016 and will retail for 3,456 Yen just like the first book.

As for the first book, Japanese fans have only just started digging in and our own copies haven’t arrived yet, so it’ll probably take a while before all the juicy details start flooding in.

For now, here’s a basic description of the contents of the book according to an Amazon review:

  • Tellius’s history and timeline (2 pages)
  • Background of the 8 main nations, including their founding, political structure and relations, etc. Also includes a table of Beorc and Laguz lifespans relative to the average lifespan of Beorc, Laguz and Branded (2 pages)
  • Movie transcripts, important event scenes, the Crimean army’s military route, etc. (28 pages)
  • Character relationship diagram (2 pages)
  • Character introduction pages (1 page for each character). Includes every playable character plus Greil, Elena, Renning, Caineghis, Leanne, Nealuchi, Deghinsea, Kurthnaga, Rajaion, Gareth, Sanaki, Sigrun, Sephiran, Zelgius, Ashnard, the Black Knight, Petrine and Bertram
    • Profile includes race, age, class, affinity and birthplace. Age is split into actual age and appearance age (for Laguz, their corresponding appearance age if they were a Beorc).
    • Detailed profile includes interests, abilities, what’s important to the character, likes and dislikes. Not all characters have this (eg. Elena and Rajaion).
  • Full body sprite (from dialogue scenes) gallery. Includes the main characters, NPCs and villagers. In-game, the sprites only show to the waist, but the ones here go down closer to the thigh. Features Ike and Elincia’s different outfits and facial expressions, Mist’s expressions, plus unused graphics of Soren, Zihark, Titania and Marcia.
  • Character design sheets
    • 2 pages of Ike (3 views of his Ranger and Lord outfits)
    • 2 pages of Mist (3 views of her Cleric and Valkyrie outfits. On the same page, has sketches of Greil and Elena)
    • 2 pages of Titania (3 views of her Paladin outfit and various rough sketches)
    • 2 pages of Soren (3 views of his Mage and Sage outfits)
    • 2 pages of Elincia (3 views of her princess and battle outfits. Features other dresses, including one that resembles Elena’s)
    • 3 views of various other characters (Oscar, Boyd, Gatrie, Shinon, Rolf, Geoffrey, Lucia, Mia, Nephenee, Caineghis, Lethe, Deghinsea, Kurthnaga, Ena, Tibarn, Leanne, Reyson, Naesala, Sanaki, Zelgius, Sephiran, Sigurn, Tanith, Marcia, Ashnard, the Black Knight, Ilyana and Calill)
    • Front views (Rhys, Ranulf, Lethe in beast form, Mordecai in beast form, Gareth, Rajaion, Nealuchi and Stefan)
    • Transformed dragon tribe sketches
  • Character height comparison chart (doesn’t include every character)
  • Horse and wyvern designs (2 pages)
  • Class designs (4 pages)
  • Weapon designs (8 pages)
  • Background images for the various countries (4 pages)
  • Battle animation reference data (4 pages)
  • Support conversation transcripts (54 pages)
  • Opening and cutscene image line art (4 pages)
  • Boxart sketches (3) and finished piece (2 pages)
  • Ike and Elincia full body artworks from the front page and interview with Senri Kita (2 pages)
  • Interview with the Path of Radiance staff (2 pages)

Apparently there are some rather surprising ages disclosed, although it’s difficult to verify the authenticity of the source(s). In any case, hopefully we’ll learn more about the book very soon!

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