Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends Winners Revealed!

The wait is over, and our winners from the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends event are here.



Our big winners, remaining mostly consistent with what we saw at the halfway mark, are Ike (Path of Radiance), Roy and Hector for the guys, and Lyn, Lucina and Tharja for the gals. If you’d like to see the full placing of every single eligible character, you can see the entirety of the polled results at their Results page. I took the liberty of breaking out a full text-based list that sorts by complete list, and by game, which you can see here.

In addition to the winners being announced, the Fire Emblem Heroes results page has been updated to show the incoming schedule for Fire Emblem Heroes prize releases, including the order of the upcoming calendars (to be shared on FE_Heroes_JP’s Twitter feed), and special outfits for Ike, Lyn, Roy and Lucina. No sneak peeks of the special outfits, however.

Lastly, players can look forward to receiving their 10,000 Hero Feathers in their app later today. That’s not all, as we’re also being given 10 Dueling Crests to complete the newly added Arena Quests (shown to give rewards of even more Feathers and Crests). Enjoy promoting your units!

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  • MetalGear Lamia

    Lyn LITERALLY for the win!!!! and Ike fought for many friends!

  • Skylar

    So… By this we can judge that the most popular FE character is Ike, followed by Lyn… What a surprise… lol

    • Patrickzzz

      Lyn got more votes than Ike.

      • Skylar

        Ikes votes were split between PoR and RD taking spot 1 and 5… Together… Ike got the most votes with over 51000

        • MetalGear Lamia

          Doesn’t matter its barely a gap any way and officially not counted.

          • Skylar

            *disregards information saying it’s barely a gap and then says it not officially counted* sounds a lot like the presedential election haha. To each there own. But to me it’s this way. Which character got the most votes. Answer Ike (no one says Ike from Path of Radiance is the most popular character people only ever say the character)

          • MetalGear Lamia

            No stop trying to hide facts also 1. There different personality, age and appearance wise 2. People prefer PoR Ike to RD Ike they are 2 version that count as 2 characters also its about both MALE and FEMALE so this doesn’t matter the results are obviously final.

          • Skylar

            They are the same character that’s the point haha. Of course people prefer por to Rs Ike. But it’s still Ike :). Alsooooo. If it doesn’t matter why argue ? :). I’m not ignoring disregarding facts. Lyn beat path of radiance ike and she beat radiant dawn Ike. Never said she didn’t. Said she didn’t beat Ike 🙂 which she didn’t. Lyn got less votes than Ike. Is that not true?

          • MetalGear Lamia

            Not the point of the poll its Males and Females separately does it matter just be happy Awakening/Fates outside Lucina took a backseat.

          • Skylar

            Not your point. But my point throughout this whole thing was Ike got the most votes. Ike =most popular. Not Ike won or that it was male vs female. But agreed. Yay awakening and gates not winning

          • Patrickzzz

            I have no idea why they decided to split him tho.

          • I’m trying to figure out why anyone gives a crap about whether merging the two made any difference – Ike won the Male vote no matter how they split it and had absolutely nothing to do with Lyn because they split it into Gender Lists, the only difference to the Top 20 list that would have happened had they merged individual character votes is that Marth would have beat Chrom by 774 votes, and that would only have changed the order of the calendars.

          • Skylar

            From my point of view at least. It’s this. When a company conducts a popularity test from characters etc. it’s usually used in the marketing material for following games. Ike in smash and all that. So it will be interesting to see what happens. Roy is in smash because he was “popular”. While I enjoy Ssb FE has been my favourite series for over 15 years. So while it doesn’t really matter either way. It’s interesting to see how they will market things in the future. Using the chrom and marth thing as an example. Marth technically got more votes than chrom. Wouldn’t it be interesting (it won’t happen pretty much guaranteed) if chrom was used in promotiona material such as ssb instead of Marth. Lyn instead of Ike I’m sure some people would be happy about whereas others wouldn’t care. So it matters in a way that is if it has any influence on what they choose to promote. Things like this interest me. What can I say

          • Ah, alright then. I would, however, like to point out that Roy’s game wasn’t actually out yet in Japan when Melee was released – he was initially put into Smash to sell his own game, he and Marth were only kept in the overseas version because Nintendo’s overseas audience took an interest in the two mysterious swordsmen. Maybe his appearance in Smash 4 is popularity-based, but that wasn’t the initial case. Not trying to nitpick, I’m just kind of particular about the details when it comes to Roy. As for Lyn’s popularity, I can’t help but wonder if SSB had anything to do with that as well, seeing as how she’s been an Assist Trophy twice, and is perhaps the one Assist Trophy people(at least FE fans I know) want as a fighter more than anyone besides Waluigi, who I’m thankful isn’t in despite completing the set because we have too many Mario characters as is. Frankly, I really didn’t care too much about CYL, I was more hoping Nintendo would use Heroes as the stepping stone to introduce Cipher to their overseas fans, beginning by adding Alphonse and Sharena into Cipher, then including Shade, Emma, Yuzu, and Lando in Heroes as a special event, and hopefully finally releasing the TCG to the rest of the world.

          • Skylar

            Yeah I know Roy’s game wasn’t out for melee. That was pure promotional material for a future release. I was referring to sm4sh. Also. Ghirahim is another assist trophy that most people wanted as a character I believe. But yeah I agree with pretty much everything you said

      • That1AmiiboHoarder

        What happened to Dorcas? I put him in 12th place. HAHAHAHA!

    • MetalGear Lamia

      Lyn has the most votes overall with the split even still alot regardless.

      • Skylar

        Ummm… no? Ike got 33,871 plus 17,864 which equals 51,555 over Lyn’s 49,917

        • MetalGear Lamia

          So what? Their not counting split votes as one.

          • Skylar

            I didn’t say they were. I said Ike is the most popular character. Not Ike won the official vote. Look at the original post. And the results support that!

  • Saint_Stahn

    Ike wins with the overall votes bypassing 50,000. id say its a shame his votes were split but because of the split, Chrom managed to sneak 4th place over Marth, and Ike gets to be TWICE in the calendar.

    I think the best part is Dorcas ALMOST getting on the calendar, and Eliwood beating male Corrin by earning the 19th place at the last minute, proving Elibe saga has a place in everyones hearts.

    Also everyone hear? Sigurd most popular geneology character at 55th place. EVEN while obscure he got a crapton of votes. I can’t wait for his return.

    • Dark Kain

      Ayra is also decent at 65th, and if you sum all three Finn’s incarnations together he is around Seth level.

    • And ****ing ARDEN was in the TOP 100.

    • SuperNintendomaniac

      I love Dorcas! but seriously 12th place? (that’s great actually) I know he had like the highest HP for a low level (30 at lvl.3) and got 80% HP growth. He can easily top 60 hp without an seraph/angelic robe. Imagine him in FE10 (which you can surpass 60HP)

  • Harvey

    What the hell? How is Roy that popular if the guy is so damn boring? It should be Eliwood being there not his damn son.

    I wonder if Smash somehow has to do with Ike and Roy being there in the list. I’m quite happy that Lyn made it top though as she’s my favorite lord and the same goes for Hector as well.

    • Bathroomdisaster

      Smash is the main reason Roy is even on that list. Same could be said for RD Ike. Well, at least Eliwood made it into the Top 20 so there’s that.

      • Harvey

        Ghee..Thanks Masahiro Sakurai for advertising a boring character instead of a well thought out character.

        • MetalGear Lamia

          Well it could’ve been Leif would that have been better for you?

        • May I point out that at least some of Lyn’s popularity comes from her inclusion in Smash as an Assist Trophy? Or that there are people who believe Lyn is a boring character and are just as pissed about her as you are about Roy? So Roy is more popular than Eliwood – I understand why, and I understand why you’re bugged about it, but it could honestly be worse.

          • Harvey

            I don’t see how Lyn is a boring character except in Lyn’s mode. Lyn makes a whole lot more sense to win that vote because she’s memorable and fun to use unlike Roy who’s absolute crap.

          • I don’t pretend to understand it either, I love Lyn and I’m happy that she won, even though I personally would have chosen someone far more obscure, such as Limstella(how on earth they planned to make that make sense considering Limstella is officially genderless is beyond me) or Idunn, but the fact is that some people do consider Lyn a boring character and those people probably aren’t pleased she won, most likely citing her Assist Trophy status in Smash as ‘the only reason she won’ which sounds ridiculous to me.

  • CombatMagi

    Well a little surprised by the results but there still good. My choice Jill got 175 (PoR) and 183 (RD) overall which stinks a little but out of 791 entrants its not terrible so I wont complain……to loudly. Am happy to see Mia and Nephenee up there though.

    • Koidneufdocteur

      I know that feel bro 🙁 But hey at least PoR Ike won.

  • hardin

    After combining his total the Black Knight has 11683 votes, that’s pretty cool.

  • Bathroomdisaster

    Male list: Well, expected and it’s nice to see Eliwood make it into the Top 20.
    Female list: Bleh, at least Nino went up by one.

    If we do end up getting the winners as units I’ll most likely send Lyn home for some feathers.

    • Stranger

      Lyn has two insane attack skills. Astra does 150% bonus damage, and she’s the only one besides Cordelia to get Galeforce.

      Not as broken as Takumi and Hector with their counter skills, but still.

      • Bathroomdisaster

        I’d expect those characters to get nerfed at some point. The Astra skill as well. She’ll still get sent home all the same.

        • Stranger

          Which characters are you talking about, though?

          Because most of those characters are already in. Going through the lists, there’s only about 5 from either one that aren’t (I’m counting both Ikes as one).

          • Bathroomdisaster

            I thought I didn’t have to point it out: Lyn, Takumi, Hector and their “OP” skills. Clogging the arena with those isn’t fun at all especially if it’s for someone who didn’t pull any of those 3 characters.

          • Stranger

            Sorry, I should have clarified that I was asking in relation to your initial comment; “If we do end up getting the winners as units I’ll most likely send Lyn home”.

            Save for Ike, we do have the winners as units- so I was curious who you may be referring to.

            Unless you meant you specifically getting those characters, in which your usage of the word “we” instead of “I” threw me off your meaning. Shared account?

          • Bathroomdisaster

            Yes, I’ll definitely send Lyn home and Ike’s fate depends on his design. I already have a 5* Lucina so I don’t feel a need to have a second one while Roy would stay unless I get one form the gacha and that’s because I want to reunite him with both Eliwood and Ninian later down the line.

  • Stranger

    Tharja, Henry, and Nowi are the highest non-lord/main characters. Interesting.

  • MDH

    Really liking the overall Tellius representation and both Ephraim and Eirika making it to the calendar rankings.
    Utterly stunned at Dorcas’ placement.
    I voted Ilyana the entire time and she’s made it to 150th/160th! That’s an ok result I think.

  • I’ll ask this once: Who is the dunce who got Arden into the top 100?

  • What trash results. Not even surprised no one I voted for made it onto this list, but it was completely predictable which characters would’ve won in the first place.

    lmao tharja give me a break

    • Stranger

      It’s simple mathematics.

      The newbies only have two games to pick from, whereas us veterans had to pick from the entire series.

      Of course Awakening and Fates characters were going to have a higher concentration of votes. Not to mention the fact that many of us also like some of the characters from those two games.

      • Yeah, as I said, it makes sense. But that alone doesn’t mean I relish it.

        Popularity contests in general is not really something that matters a lot to me, since they’re always prone to a massive amount of bias. I’m in this for the strategy, anyway. But it’s still disappointing to see what is happening to this series.

        • fpgi

          What do you mean?? I am also an old hardcore Fire emblem fan but i am loving the direction the series are taking… Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates deserve a lot of the credit as 3DS hits but we must not forget that it all started with Super Smash Bros melee and Fire Emblem Blazing Sword !!! Hope someday Genealogy of Holy War and Trachia receives the same treatment from Fire Emblem gaiden!!!

          • I think he means that we’ve started calling it “Waifu Emblem” among other things – there did seem to be a bit more focus on the marriage part of the game than perhaps was necessary. On the other hand, I would point out that “Waifu Emblem 1” AKA Awakening is what kept the series from suffering the fate of Metroid – no real releases, every now and then something thrown out to shut the outcry up for two days, etc.

          • fpgi

            Ohhh i get it now… If i am not wrong marriage first appeared in Fire emblem Genealogy of Holy War. Even in Awakening always thought the marriage and children only as more strategical/skills heritance than the Waifu part. And joining some unconventional couples was fun! Not much big deal!! The series continues as strategic and rewardfull as ever!

          • First off, ‘rewardfull’ isn’t a word – you’re looking for ‘rewarding’. I’m not trying to pick a fight or anything, I just…may be something of a word Nazi.
            Second, not everyone can always appreciate the strategy part of the Child characters without feeling a little dating sim-ed – I had one or two such moments in Awakening and Fates, so maybe it’s not a big deal to you or me, but there are players who will have issues with that, just like there will always be Pokemon players who will complain about literally any and all new Pokemon because ‘Gen 1 was the only TRUE Pokemon’. The sheer amount of fan art for Awakening and Fates certainly hasn’t helped either, so blowing it off like that – and I’m assuming you aren’t trying to blow it off, but ‘your concern is not a big deal’ may sound that way to some people – doesn’t generally help.
            Also, you’re correct, Genealogy was the first with marriage, but most people don’t count it because it’s never been legally released to 90% of the world.

          • Skylar

            *spoilers* Also I think the big key difference between Genealogy and Fates is that the children were literally completely crucial to the story. I will admit Lucina played a role in Awakening… But the other children had virtually no role in it unless your counting Future Past. I think the other large difference is the writing in the games.
            Genealogy: You play as a character for a few chapters who is then murdered…. In the years coming his son avenges him etc etc.
            Awakening: These children come from a future that was destroyed and have come back to change the past….. Hmm yeah personally I am not a fan of “people coming from he future” as a plot device, it feels cheap. All the children are aged conveniently just so you can marry them… SIIIIIIGH
            Fates: Deeprealms…. Absolutely atrocious plot device. Just… far too free. Like seriously. All children are literally useless to the plot completely (again barring DLC) Oh and hey look once again…. all the children are aged where you can marry them… SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHH.

            Don’t get me started on the storytelling of the new games….

          • fpgi

            Ops my bad … Sorry about that! English is not my native language and my cellphone auto correction is making mistakes!! And not a problem i really appreciate your intent!!!! I really respect others opinion and think its right… Just wanted to point out that despite Awakening having Massive fan service it evolves the combat with dual combat and others features. Yeah it is a shame that Fire Emblem 4 and 5 don t have Western releases… Not everyone can have it or understand japanese. But i hope it will change in the future as it will happen with Fire emblem gaiden!

          • Chances are that you are more open to change than I am, either that or you aren’t as into the series as I’ve been. Awakening is a terrible FE game, it’s been proven time and time again, and my stance on that won’t change. The fans have been split into two at this point, and that’s even more evident when looking at the two versions of Fates.

            The game is just really casual and has no real depth do it other than the shipping aspect, which even then is quite bare-bones. It doesn’t give me a feeling of FE.

            First I’d like to see how Valentia turns out before asking for FE4&5. If they’re going to add in a casual mode and more useless shipping (because that’s effectively what it is), you can count me out.

          • fpgi

            Fire Emblem is my favourite series… Played All the games more than once except Fire Emblem Gaiden… Fire Emblem 4 is the Best of all, Fire Emblem PoR is my favourite. Fire Emblem Awakening can have a lot of defects but is not casual by Any means… assuming you are playing on lunatic or above and in Classic mode! I think i am a little more open to changes than you do… But its alright! Just happy Fire Emblem is gaining attention it deserves. After Radiant Dawn i thought FE would vanish like it happened with some of Nintendo franchises.

          • Always nice to see a fellow fan. I, too, have played through each title quite a few times each. Sacred Stones was my first and I’ve played it for more than 1.5k hours in total. But here’s the thing, I still think SS is a pretty bad FE game, even though I personally enjoy it for what it is. It’s not very challenging, it gives you the ability to grind endlessly, and you can easily solo the game with Seth if you’d like.

            This exact problem is present in Awakening too. I started on Lunatic, but after seeing that the enemies are only strong due to their inflated stats rather than making use of the maps and other strategic points (similar to Shadow Dragon’s 3-5* HM’s), I backed down to Hard so I could enjoy a more balanced game and not Frederick Emblem. However, in Hard, you can literally just pair up Chrom and Robin and solo through the entire game with just those two units. Add in the ability to grind endlessly, something I feel doesn’t belong in Fire Emblem, and you have a pretty bad game on your hands.

            It makes me sad because a lot of new people are only interested in FE because of the dating sim aspect. Just go to r/fireemblem and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Full of people shitposting, coming up with characters to ship together, and general nonsense that is simply not what Fire Emblem used to be. Almost no talk about the strategic depths of the games and things that I do enjoy.

            So yeah, I’m quite salty at what the fandom has turned into, but that’s just me I guess.

          • fpgi

            No not at all!!! You are right and you are not alone!!! It is good to be concerned about the future… Good or bad it is a Nintendo move try to pleases everyone with its franchises… I guess just the sales from old/hardcore fans was not enough…

          • fpgi

            And What you said about some pokemon fans is right but i have a feeling it happens with all old franchises: Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Paper Mario, Zelda… i could go on all the day. Today is more easy for the new IPs to please everyone than the older ones…

  • João Paulo

    What was the placement of Xander and Inigo?

    • Stranger

      Xander: 42
      Inigo: 63

  • O.H. X-1990

    Congratulations, Lyn and Ike! I’m glad I voted for both of them.

  • Stranger

    Gonzalez made top 20 for Binding Blade characters.


    How awesome would it be if he became one of the next Focus characters.

  • Ian H. Mellett

    I’m happy Hector got 3rd for males, and in general that the Top 20 on both sides wasn’t entirely made up of Awakening, Fates, and playable Smash characters. I am a bit annoyed about the vote splitting, though, seeing as Tellius characters would’ve done better if that wasn’t the case. Neph would’ve come in 10th and Mia 11th on the female side, Black Knight 12th male (or 13th if Ike didn’t also get combined), and Soren 15th male. Also, combining FE7 and FE6 Eliwood would’ve put him above Niles (Hector still wouldn’t have beaten Roy, though)

    That said, I will also say, this shows how much influence the western fanbase really has, since until you reach Sigurd, everyone but Roy was from a game that actually came out over here. (And Roy was in Smash, so…)

  • That1AmiiboHoarder

    What happened to Dorcas?! HE GOT FREAKING 12th PLACE!