Heroes: New Focus, New Paralogue, Gauntlet Wrap-up, Leaks and More!

It’s been a heck of a week for Heroes players, but Nintendo won’t stop their momentum. With the end of Launch Celebration Event and the Blue Crow: Ursula Special Maps, players will need to find new ways to keep their Orb count up. Fortunately, we now have Daily Missions to look forward to, as well as a new Paralogue, Blazing Shadows.

Blazing Shadows is now available, and like all paralogues before it, offer three chapters with three difficulties each, yielding orbs aplenty to drop into your pocket or into the new Banner.

Speaking of the new Banner, we have some exciting new characters to join the spotlight. FE_Heroes_JP Twitter was kind enough to post the official artwork of the newcomers.

Lucius (Staff)Jaffar (Shuriken)

Priscilla (Staff)

Karel (Sword)Ninian (Breath {Blue})Rebecca (Bow)

A few twists come with the fresh faces, as Lucius appears to be designated as a Staff user rather than a Light mage as he was depicted in his origin. However, the neatest treat appears to be that Ninian boasts the fairly unique Dance ability, but brandishes a blue breath as her weapon, making her a Dancing Dragon of sorts.

Other details include the Arena being reopened, with Bonus units of the previous week’s entourage (Jagen, Sully, F!Robin and the Sibling Bonds sextet). In addition, the new season is offering more feathers based on your high score, so unlocking potential shouldn’t be such a struggle for the immediate future. Feathers will now be awarded to players with an offensive score exceeding 4,001, and blocked out in intervals of 200 from 4,001, downward. Defense ranks have also been blocked out, allowing more rewards for any defense at all. It’s a fighter’s world!

Other quests have been added in as well, including the first quest to actually reward a unit, Clearing Paralogue 3-2 with a Sword user on your team. This yields Draug, an armored sword user. Other prizes, such as Orbs, Dueling Crests, shards and more can be accessed through the Blazing Shadows quests.

Another tidbit is that the Voting Gauntlet’s finale was officially declared a huge hit, accumulating over 45.3 million votes worth in points. The 20 Orbs and other prizes are now available because of the incredible success of the first Gauntlet!

Furthermore, a new banner has been datamined, featuring Eliwood, Gordin, Minerva and Severa. Furthermore, it appears as the next upcoming Grand Hero Battle will feature Michalis, Minerva’s brother.*

*Credit to Reddit user /u/StarOnyx

Also remember that Skill Inheritance is coming very soon. If you summon heroes that you’re not super happy about, don’t get down in the dumps too soon, because you might be able to put them to good use!

Lastly, today marks the first of the daily Log-in bonuses, gifting users with a free Stamina Potion for logging in today.

So what are you still reading this for? Get back in the game!

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  • MetalGear Lamia

    Awesome can’t wait to get Ninian I’m guessing Lilith whenever she comes is going to be stone user as well with healing effects!

  • Familyplayer

    It’s funny that Ninian has fire breath, yet she is an ice dragon.

  • Laggalot

    So, general impressions of the characters (beware, long comment incoming):

    – Ninian is great. Dance + FORTIFY DRAGONS. OK. Now granted Dragon-focussed teams have a really rough time between the Falchion’s and Julia with the Naga tome… But if you don’t have that, good lord, that sounds potentially terrifying. On another note, I’m not terribly surprised seeing Light Breath, but I wish they’d just given her a new weapon. AND WHO THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO GIVE HER FIRE BREATH!?

    – Karel’s combination of Desperation and Defiant Atk sounds really strong on paper, but then you see his stats, and he’s not as fast as you’d expect… Not to mention somewhat lacking durability.

    – Lucius’s concept seems gimmicky, I doubt it’ll be very strong. I get what they were going for, but it doesn’t it just take too long to get Miracle to work? Especially with Martyr slowing its activation further.

    – Jafar looks interesting, though I’m not sure if/how his weapon’s effect compliments his stats. Definitely seems like one of the most offensively inclined Shuriken users thus far, though.

    – Priscilla, a mounted healer with Rehabilitate (my personal favorite healing skill). A unique combination of attributes right there. Provides defensive support as well. She’ll be good. Really good. Maybe even the best healer?

    – Rebecca. Yay, got this unit. Competing with Takumi is always rough, but she sets herself apart. Darting Blow makes her the fastest Archer during Player Phase, which compliments her good colourless Atk well. Furthermore, the rest of her skills obviously want you to pair her with a very bulky unit. Seal Atk means enemies won’t hit as hard (if Rebecca doesn’t kill them outright), letting a tank unit absorb their hits that much more easily, and these units can in term block stop the enemy from reaching Rebecca, while in a pinch, Rebecca can also provide some small healing. But sometimes that makes all the difference.

    While training her up, I put Sheena on the same team, and she’s just really bulky all-around. Granted, the AI isn’t always the best representation of this, but for what it’s worth, this combination worked really, really well.

    • MetalGear Lamia

      F!Corrin is strong to handle Lucina even Marth which imo is weaker Nowi too its all about when to strike and receive the support, Tiki can just bounce Hectors Armads with more def for Julia probably requires skill inheriting.

      • Laggalot

        Something’s going down the day we get a skill that nullifies effective-against bonusses against Dragon units, something similar to, say, Iote’s Shield.

        • CombatMagi

          I’d say that be on someone…….”important”. First thought would be Tiki but since that’s come and passed I’d say Kurthnaga from PoR/RD

          • hikari

            Watch it be on Nils, whenever he comes out.

  • CombatMagi

    Spent $75 and with the leftover orbs from last event, the new orbs from this one and the orbs from the end of the voting gauntlet and managed to get 2 Jaffar, 1 Lucius, 1 Ninian and as an added bonus finally got an Azura and a Elise so not a bad summoning but honestly would have preferred a Rebecca or a Priscilla (or maybe finally a frekin Kagero /rage) instead of a 2ed Jaffar but I can wait on those.

  • Suicunesol

    Just wanted to remind that the character in the banner is not Severa from Awakening, but Selena from Fates.

  • TheBraveGallade

    wait a minuete… fortify DRAGONS?!