Echoes: Sneak Peak at Upcoming DLC

Today, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia launched in Japan and, thanks to renowned data-miner @SciresM, we have a better idea of what to expect from the forthcoming DLC.

The first series of DLC (three maps from the “Fighter’s Journey” set) launched at the same time as the game, but we know from the Japanese official site that there are three more series of DLC planned.

Continue reading to see what else we know…

Series 2

These maps are designed for mid/late-game grinding and seem to be souped up versions of the Series 1 maps.

Icon Name Notes/Comments
Temple of Stars ~Inner Sanctum~ Perhaps offers a higher rate of obtaining Star Fragments
Golden Dream Possibly allows you to farm rare Golden Marks, used for forging
Funeral of Fury Maybe features stronger Entombed for quicker experience gain

Series 3

The first ten maps are meant to enhance your characters, apparently by providing access to brand new classes. The final four maps are story maps that occur before the beginning of the game, focusing on the Deliverance.

Icon Name Notes/Comments
Altar of the Lance Knight Provides access to the Cavalier’s Over-class
Altar of the Shielded Giant Provides access to the Soldier’s Over-class
Altar of the Black Crane Provides access to the Pegasus Knight’s Over-class
Altar of the Shadowy Maiden Provides access to the female Mage’s Over-class
Altar of the Virtuous Enchantress Provides access to the Cleric’s Over-class
Altar of the Fearsome Warlord Provides access to the Mercenary’s Over-class
Altar of the War Elephant Provides access to the Archer’s Over-class
Altar of the Scholarly Sage Provides access to the male Mage’s Over-class
Altar of the Noble Queen Provides access to Celica’s Over-class
Altar of the Grand Conqueror Provides access to Alm’s Over-class
Battle of Zofia Port The first prologue map; seems to focus on Fernand, who’s not playable during the story
South Fort Rescue Mission The second prologue map; seems to feature Lukas in the spotlight
Escaping the Underground Ruins The third prologue map; the lovable Clair appears to be the central focus
Defence of Zofia Castle The fourth and final prologue map; good luck, Clive, you’ll be needing it…

Series 4

Two additional content disconnected from the other three series, related to the currently Japanese-only Cipher card game.

Icon Name Notes/Comments
The Lost Girl and the Vagabond Seems to be hinting at playable Ema and Lando
The Dark Saint and the Swordswoman Seems to be hinting at playable Shade and Yuzu


Note: “Pending” is likely referring to an indefinite state, as in the listed DLCs are not being released anymore. Evidenced by the missing icons and names this far in development.

Icon Name Notes/Comments
Starter Deck Purchase Gift A bonus gift for purchasing the Series 9 starter deck?
Goddess’s Gift 2 – 5 Looks like we’ll be getting 5 free DLCs in total
Pending: Prologue 5 Appears to be a cut 5th prologue map
Pending: Cipher Character 3 + 4 It seems like there were plans to have the 4 Cipher mascots divided between 4 DLCs, rather than 2
Pending: Cipher Collaboration 2 + 3 Likewise, there may have been additional gifts for buying Cipher products, like the Series 9 booster box

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