Heroes: Legion Great Hero Battle Teaser!

The next Great Hero Battle begins tomorrow in Fire Emblem Heroes! The next villain you’ll be able to recruit is Legion from New Mystery of the Emblem. @FE_Heroes_JP shared the following image as a preview of his battle map.

Legion comes with a special weapon, Legion’s Axe. This axe has the same effect as the Panic Staff, turning his foe’s bonuses into penalties. He also comes with Fury, Obstruct, and Reprisal.

The new GHB will be available starting tomorrow, 16 June, at 7:00am UTC. Beat Legion’s Hard map for a 3★ version of this hero and Lunatic for a 4★ version! Presumably, we’ll also get a new focus banner with specific units to help defeat him.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Laggalot

    Legion’s gimmick in New Mystery of the Emblem is that he’s always surrounded by countless exact copies of himself who he calls his “brothers”. And from the looks of this, this GHB is going to emulate that gimmick. Apparently, this GHB will feature reinforcements, too, which means we’ll probably see even more of him than just the two we see here. That’s gonna be fun… Oh and this man hits hard and fast, too, so watch out.

    Looking this map, probably smart to open up by luring out the mages on both sides and if possible kill them on the counter. Man, if only I had a good Blue Tome user somewhere…

  • ok but where is my kleine?? she better be up next

  • Theroonco

    What if the current New Mystery banner IS the GHB banner, since it already comes with plenty of new red units? (That said, I haven’t really paid much attention to the banners so could be wildly mistaken).

    • Laggalot

      GHB banners thus far have never included new units, and the banner would’ve also been called the “Battling Legion” banner. Besides, you fight much more than just Legion himself, and GHB banners usually account for that as well. This GHB is gonna get a seperate banner.

  • Paulo Cesar

    Yep hyper of Echoes totally over, so much stuff to get over it.
    Anyway one of the Legions got his special ready so can we assume this GHB banner will have a mage, a dagger user or a acher?

  • O.H. X-1990

    Why are there 2 Legions? Is this because he said “we” instead of “I” or something? Anyway, this is just another Grand Hero Battle that I can never beat so easily.

    • Xierra

      It refers to “The Mask Laughs” chapter in New Mystery. Essentially, you need to defeat the real Legion while swarmed against many more Legions.