Warriors: Famitsu Reveals Cordelia and female Robin, teases Casual/Classic

Famitsu’s official website has shared a tiny Fire Emblem Warriors-related snippet from its next issue, which arrives on Japanese bookshelves on 3rd August.

We learn that Cordelia, the exceptionally skilled yet humble Ylissean Pegasus Knight, and the female version of Robin the Tactician will be joining the previously-announced Awakening warriors on the battlefield.

The accompanying text also states that the magazine will be delving into key gameplay mechanics such as effective damage, the weapon triangle, as as well as Classic and Casual (modes, presumably).

In Classic, fallen characters cannot be re-deployed, mimicking permanent death in the main series games, while this restriction is removed in Casual. Earlier, the developers had teased permanent death, so it’ll be interesting to see how it works here.

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  • Theroonco

    I wonder if the two Robins come from different universes/ versions of Awakening (and aren’t just skins of one another). If so I look forward to their Supports (because come on, they HAVE to have Supports!)

    …and seeing one Robin freak out at someone flirting with the other or something, especially if it’s another Awakening character.

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Saw Cordelia coming MILES away also male Corrins will obviously come which I’m glad!

  • Jams

    Is there any indication that Female Robin will be a seperate character from Male Robin, or will they be alternate costumes for an overarching “Robin” character?

    • Jedi

      According to the interview itself Female Robin is only allowed outside the main story maps. She plays no plot role.

  • woof

    I can’t stand Cordelia but at least it’s finally not a main character I guess

  • We get Bae?
    …hm…perhaps I can stomach not having Roy after all…

  • Buitronthecrazy .

    M-maybe FE warriors 3ds will be a different game with snes/gba/echoes cast…

    • Kimmo Pronger

      I’ll do you a favor and cut that thread of hope for you. It’s not going to happen…as much as I would like it to.

  • Fastesthe1

    This announcement seriously made my day. Female Robin confirmed playable, with Cordelia to boot?! YES!!!

    It does raise into question if Male Corrin will be joining, which seems likely at this point. Also how the Robins and assumed Corrins will work, with them either being selectable skins or standalone characters.

  • dmurr

    Oh my gosh can they please use this as an excuse to finally make a female Robin amiibo like they did for Chrom?? Please..

  • Maybe we can finally see Chrom and Cordelia support *-*