Warriors: Cordelia Footage + Dragonstone Update

The official Fire Emblem Warriors Twitter has revealed a short trailer showing off the recently-revealed Cordelia in action.

Cordelia’s gameplay seems to revolve around spinning, dashes and aerial acrobatics in general.

Her Musou (special attack) utilizes her position in the pegasus squadron to summon a massive army of pegasi to rush foes, not too unlike how Tanith in Path of Radiance can summon reinforcement pegasus knights.

Her lance shown in this bit of gameplay seems to resemble that of the “Luna” lance from Awakening.

Although not the first character in the Warriors franchise capable of flight, Cordelia is the first to have a winged mount in a Warriors game.

While we’re here, the official Twitter has also provided a better look at the dragonstone crystal replica included in the Japanese version’s Treasure Box edition.

Normally colorless, the dragonstone can light up green when placed on the included pedestal.

They also provided a sample of female Corrin’s voice, which can play from the pedestal.

“Many more” voice samples are promised to be included. Hopefully there’s at least one for each of the popular heroes. (And, more importantly, hopefully we’ll be getting the dragonstone in the West…)

About the Author: Jedi
Fire Emblem Warriors News Editor. I also stream, I tend to focus on platformers and action games, but will do various other games, especially Fire Emblem Warriors when it launches.
  • MetalGear Lamia

    Definitely maining my awakening waifu she looks fun!

  • PikaChan

    Goodness, her beginning movements looked like Hinoka…. I wonder if this means no hinoka o_o;;

    Corrin’s voice is so cute dsijisd

  • Diovani Estivalet

    Not only a new character, but a new map too