Cipher S10 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Website Update, & Warriors Livestream Guest!

It’s been another exciting week of reveals for Fire Emblem Cipher! Our list of known SRs this week increased by two, with both cards featuring characters from Thracia 776. On the left is Misha, a Pegasus Knight and general in the Silessean army. To the right is Olwen, a Mage Knight whose popularity has risen quite a bit since her inclusion in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Our final Thracia reveal of the week is an R card for Asbel. For Fates, we also get two beautiful joined-art cards for Velouria and Selkie and an HN for Kiragi.

We also get a few more exciting images this week with the official website update for S10! This gives us our first look at the Ephraim and Eirika preview promos, anniversary reprint promos, and promotional sleeve packs. You receive one of each of each type of goodie, chosen randomly, with each S10 booster box purchase.

The Ephraim and Eirika cards use their official artwork, standard for preview promos. Both cards will receive new artwork in S11. The Felicia and Flora reprint promos were originally given to attendees of last summer’s Cipher Caravan event. The Thracia sleeves use the original Thracia 776 box art, whereas the Heroes sleeves use the main promotional art.

The update also included a small image of some S10 cards. We’ve seen most of them already, but the middle left card shows the regular R artwork for Azura for the first time. You can see a larger image of the R+ version of the card here.

Cipher also announced an additional guest for the upcoming pre-release livestream. Yosuke Hayashi, the producer of Fire Emblem Warriors, will be appearing! He will show off some Warriors gameplay, and we may also get to learn a bit more about the game’s inclusion in Cipher in S11.

Cipher Series 10 will release in less than two weeks on 21 September! In the meantime, it’ll be an exciting time of news, reveals, and speculation. For further discussion and information about Cipher, feel free to join us in the Cipher subforum of the Serenes Forest forums!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • woof

    ahhh I want the Velouria and Selkie cards so much! The father-son cards are also really neat looking.

    • PikaChan

      Along with Velouria, we need that Forrest and Siegbert one for sure outta the sons~ +_+

  • Do we have the translations for Eirika and Ephraim up yet?

    • Kirie

      If you’d like to get translations as soon as they’re available, your best bet is to join the Cipher Discord ( ). In the meantime:

      >Attack Support – If the supported unit’s attack destroys the MC, draw a card
      >Attack / Defense Support – If the supported unit is ‘Ephraim’, that unit gains +20 attack(edited)
      >Attack support – If the supported unit’s affinity is Purple, double break Orbs
      >Attack / defense support – If the supported unit is ‘Eirika’, that unit gains +20 attack

      • The problem is that I can’t get access to Discord because there’s something wrong with my comp. Thanks for the info, though, I appreciate it!

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Want the Selkie and Velouria one plus Olwen, Misha and Flora!