Warriors: Japanese Voice Pack at Launch + DLC Tidbits

Ahead of Fire Emblem Warriors‘s Western release on 20th October 2017, Nintendo of America has dropped a launch trailer including some neat tidbits about the upcoming DLC.

Each of the 3 DLC Packs (Fates, Shadow Dragon and Awakening) will contain the following:

  • Three new playable characters
  • Three new History scenarios
  • New weapons and costumes
  • New support conversations

That’s not all: a free Japanese voice pack will be available to download as soon as the game is released. So they delivered on their promise of dual audio after all!

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  • Snipergys Rmz

    Now I’m only missing… Oboro being playable… And Innes, but that looks impossible so… at least Dual audio is good

  • chris123sm

    That’s honestly a great way to implement dual audio, just make it an optional free download for the people that want it. Hopefully Nintendo does this more since there’s obviously people who prefer dual audio.

    • Tons of games recently have been following the free DLC formula for Japanese voices if they weren’t already in the game, so it’s clear Nintendo/IS is following that trend.

      Really glad Warriors in particular has dual audio, given the nature of the game.

      • chris123sm

        I honestly had no idea more companies were already doing it since i’m so used to dual audio already being in the game or not implemented, but it’s fantastic if Nintendo is going to start doing it as well and hopefully they do the same with the next FE game.

        • FudanshiKnight

          It’s typically done for games where the main game already takes up so much space on the card/disc, that they just make it free DLC. Though, this may also be NoA getting the licensing rights too late for it to be implemented on the card. I want to clarify that this is speculation on both parts by me and not necessarily the case in truth.

          It is fantastic for those wanting the option and I hope people thank NoA for including it this time, because it does cost money to get the rights from the voice actors and the extra man hours to implement!

  • MetalGear Lamia

    Thank god they’re are getting it at last more options for preference!

  • Kneekicker

    So it seems FEW is going to follow the HW formula, which is to be expected. This bodes well for the other games as well if these packs are successful.

  • Hmm… I wonder if the dual audio also includes the N3DS version. Seriously disappointing if it isn’t.

  • Jose

    I hope that the game does well so we can get other characters to join in.

  • Diovani Estivalet

    3 new playable characters… ok… Let’s think.
    In Shadow Dragon we have Navarre and Gharnef as NPCs, so both can be in the dlc pack, with a new character. My hopes are to Minerva, because we only have 1 Wyvern Rider.
    In Awakening we have Owain and Validar, so probably will be both + a new character, which can be Tharja or even a dragonstone user, like Nowi or Adult Tiki (I hope for Adult Tiki, because a support conversation between both Tikis would be cool)
    But there is a problem, and it is in the Fates DLC Pack. There are 3 Fates NPCs in the game: Oboro, Niles and Iago. And Azura was “mentioned” in a interview, so… which character will be replaced by Azura, if Azura become part one playable character? Can Iago not become a playable character? If yes, can the others villans get the same tratament in favor of others characters? I hope so, because all villans looks to have the same moveset.

    • Hidden Flare

      What about the possibility of a free character or a few? I believe other games in the series has given free characters before.