Heroes: Developer Challenge Special Maps!

A new series of special maps are now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Developer Challenge pits you against heroes trained by the developers of the game!

Five different developers have contributed a team to the cause: mk1, hataP, hashimon, k2, and ryo. Each of them has also given their team a name. You can challenge each team on three different difficulties. Beat all fifteen battles to win a total of 15 Orbs!

The Developer Challenge maps will be available in the Special Maps section for two weeks, ending on 4 November.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Sisyphe

    “Trained a team” Yeah I want what they’re using… I can’t even scratch Tiki on Map 4 Lunatic

    • Shenai

      According to the notifcation the teams on Hard are the original dev teams, the Lunatic ones have increased stats.

  • StarGuardianKarma

    I love the horse emblem! cannot get enough lmfaoooo

  • With all these extra orbs I figured that I could break the deadlock… But no. 4.75% and going strong!

  • mrkisukes

    I want what they’re using, I’ve never heard of some of these skills before

  • Anyone have any tips to beating any of these at higher difficulties?

    • Sisyphe

      Hard to say without knowing your units or which map you’re talking about, but I beat all of them with standard horse. It’s basically arena but with Tempest Trials difficulty, and you can lose units. So playing a few times to get the gimmick down will help. For example, you’ll want to separate the dragons so they don’t get fortified and try to hit them when they aren’t on defense tiles. For the last horse one, it goes without saying that you can’t let any of them activate Wings of Mercy. I’m F2P, so you have a specific query, I can probably think of something you’ll have

  • O.H. X-1990

    I ended up using my Light’s Bleesings on Parts 4 and 5 in Lunatic mode! Christ, the developers’s units are ridiculously too OP!

  • mrkisukes

    My team of Dierdre, Black Knight, Brave Lyn, and P! Azura were able to take out every team, except for the Manakete Squad, which I had to replace Black Knight with Julia to do. Black Knight has the Panic Ploy 2 SS which was very important, especially on the Strike from Afar challenge in which he completely nerfs Cecilia and OTK her.

    • Sisyphe

      Manakete was easily the hardest for me