Heroes: New Event Calendar for November and December!

Fire Emblem Heroes has shared a new Event Calendar for the months of November and December. Check it out below! You can click on the image to view a larger version.

We already learned some of this information during the recent Feh Channel update, but there are some new pieces of information as well. Here is a text breakdown of the highlights:

  • New Heroes: Children of Fates: 4 Dec – 18 Dec. New second generation Fire Emblem Fates characters will almost certainly be appearing in this banner.
  • Legendary Hero Fjorm: Princess of Ice: 28 Nov – 4 Dec
  • Tempest Trials: Less Than Heroic: 21 Nov – 5 Dec
  • Enduring Love Voting Gauntlet: 6 Dec – 12 Dec
  • Grand Hero Battle Revivals: Michalis (24 Nov – 5 Dec) and Berkut (8 Dec – 14 Dec).
  • New Special Maps: Bound Hero Battle Amelia & Tana (14 Dec – 23 Dec) and “Dev Say Thanks!” Special Maps (12 Dec – 1 Jan).
  • Four New Log-In Bonuses: Tempest Trials (starts 21 Nov), Book II Begins (starts 28 Nov), New Heroes Celebration (starts 4 Dec), and Winter Bonus (starts 13 Dec).
  • New Quests: Quests with Alphonse (26 Nov – 10 Dec), Weapon Refinery Quests (28 Nov – 15 Jan), and Arena & Arena Assault (30 Nov – 14 Dec).
  • Double EXP & SP Event: 28 Nov – 5 Dec

Many of these events arrive on 28 November, which is the same day the new Version 1.9 update will go live. The Legendary Hero Summoning Event is not shown, but likely arrives on 28 November alongside Legendary Hero Fjorm.

I hope you’re all looking forward to another exciting month with Heroes!

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • speedster

    Michalis skill for Tana, yes. Berkut for horse emblem (I’ve got 3 Hectors). Might skip the Fates children banner unless it has Soleil or any of the furries. A lot of orbs as well. Christmas is coming guys and gals!

  • Sisyphe

    So it looks like we won’t get Micaiah this year after all. That’s disappointing, but if the only new banner to look forward is the Fates kids, then I’m going to be rolling in orbs for the New Year

  • MetalGear Lamia

    If children of fate includes Ophelia sold!

  • Mary Robinson

    I’m hopeful that Children of Fates will have Shigure but maybe not since we just got an alternate of him in Performing Arts. Still that banner has the potential to be neat, I’m just a bit salty that I have to wait through more than half of December for Santa Robin. My poor Spring Chrom has been waiting long enough as it is.

  • PikaChan

    finally.. my chance at getting berkut again has come… -sniff- I can’t believe it…

  • speedster

    i just realized i can give water soul to ninian (def bane res boon). throw in lightning breath+, which will require promoting tiki. huh, the feathers…

  • mrkisukes

    Enduring Loves Voting Gauntlet…hmmm…suppose it’ll be the battle of the yanderes?

  • New Heroes…probably won’t have Velouria or Caeldori. Pass.
    Fjorm. I need not say more.
    Tempest Trials, featuring Joshua, that’s good.
    Voting Gauntlet…”Enduring Love”? Why did I just feel a sudden chill, the kind where it feels like the entire fandom is breathing down your back?
    Michalis returns, excellent, I need Iote’s Shield for Palla/Camilla and need a Michalis for himself as well. Berkut…meh. I already got him and his SI isn’t super.
    Bound Hero Battle and “Dev say thanks!” maps. More Orbs to use on things, always welcome.
    Everything else, I’ll never say no to! Looks like they plan to send the year out with a bang, and then we’ll have the 1-year anniversary soon after – should be really exciting!

  • O.H. X-1990

    I bet they are going to release the Christmas Banner later in December, just like the Halloween Banner in October.

    • speedster

      probably the 19th after the Fates banner

  • Fates children would be interesting if I actually knew who they were. Awakening and Fates bored me to hell with that mandatory shipping aspect to get the characters, so I just never recruited them. Think Kinu was the only one I bothered with. Doesn’t look like I’m missing out on much anyway.

  • Laggalot101

    For anyone who doesn’t have a promoted Michalis yet, keep in mind, Hauteclere is gonna get the option to be upgraded with the coming update, so make sure to keep at least a copy of him around. Who knows how substantial the upgrade will be? It might be worthwhile…

    And regardless, I think Michalis is a pretty solid unit overall to begin with. Not amazing, but good at what he does.