Cipher S12 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, S13 Images and Pre-Orders, & Livestream Reminder!

It’s the final week of daily reveals before S12 of Fire Emblem Cipher releases next week. The Cipher team has saved some exciting cards for the end, including this gorgeous joined-art of Micaiah and Ike! These are special SR+ alternate art variants for both characters. We still haven’t seen Micaiah’s regular SR art yet, but we will soon.

Earlier this week, @fecipher also revealed two more SRs, the final SR cards for both Awakening and Genealogy of the Holy War. This third blue SR card goes to Walhart, shown here with an HN for his tactician, Excellus. Fan-favourite Ishtar also earned herself an SR this set, along with an unpromoted N card.

The final yellow reveal of the week is an R/R+ combo for Sigurd. His regular art takes place early in the game when he receives a Silver Sword from Arvis, whereas the R+ is much later during his battle with Eldigan. On the Tellius side, we also get another pair of cards for Elena and Greil, including some rather gut-wrenching artwork in Greil’s R card.

Now that S12 is gearing up for release, we’re also getting some more information regarding the next set. Pre-orders for both booster boxes as well as the set’s associated ST deck can now be placed on AmiAmi.

Advertisements have also begun to appear in Japan, showing off mock-ups of some cards. Based on the cards in the ad, we can assume that Blazing Sword will be getting a full half set, with Shadow Dragon and Heroes sharing the other half.

The Cipher team also shared another piece of artwork for S13 during Cipher Sai East this past weekend. This card features Lyn wielding a bow while carrying a sword, likely a reference to her promoted class in FE7. This art is not for a set card, but will instead appear as a tournament promo card.

Finally, the S12 re-release livestream is this weekend! The featured guests include Hibiku Yamamura (VA for Rinea and Shade), Minami Takahashi (VA for Peri and Alice), and Illustrator Tetsu Kurosawa. Ryota Kawade and Young will be hosting, as always.

Pre-release livestreams generally focus on opening packs of the upcoming set to show off new cards, especially rare cards like SRs and + card variants. We’ll also get some more artwork for S13 and possibly some S14 news. As usual, we’ll be posting up an article with the highlights afterward.

Cipher Series 12 releases next week on 22 March! For further discussion about Cipher, feel free to join us in the Cipher subforum on the forums! You can also check out the Cipher Wiki for translations of the cards and more detailed information.

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  • 100%B-Type

    Micaiah and Ike are ready to defeat some goddess~

  • speedster

    Ishtar is looking amazing. Hoping Heroes has her as a GHB unit so that everyone can admire her beauty

    • Vaximillian

      Thirteen thousand times yes! I need my goddess of thunder and thighs, and I need her yesterday.

    And my friends were positive we’d be getting Promoted Zelgius today and that he’d have the connected art with +Ike. Can’t wait to hear their reactions!