Heroes: New Tap Battle! Illusory Dungeon: Formidable Foes

It’s time for another Tap Battle in Fire Emblem Heroes! Stretch your fingers and head to the Events screen to play Illusory Dungeon: Formidable Foes.

Tap Battle events are more of a rhythm game than traditional FE-style gameplay. Make a team of your favourite units and tap the screen in time with the music to defeat waves of enemies. You can play two different modes, Casual or Expert, and also on two different difficulties, Normal and Hard. The rewards are the same, no matter which you choose.

Just like in previous iterations, the first eight stages are available now. More stages will be added each day until you reach Floor 100. Play every day to earn Hero Feathers and Great Badges from daily quests! We’ll also get a second series of quests starting on the 29th.

Illusory Dungeon: Formidable Foes will be available for a bit over two weeks, ending on 12 May.

Don’t forget that Golden Week celebrations will also begin tomorrow! We still don’t know quite what Heroes has in store, but we should find out in about 24 hours at the latest.

About the Author: Kirie
Fire Emblem Cipher & Heroes News Editor
  • Diovani Estivalet

    Easy free orbs are always welcome. But I would like if we get a reward for reaching Floor 100. Could be some feathers or Refining Stones, but no hot spring again…

    • 100%B-Type

      I always go with my Loli-Squad (Delthea, Nino, Sanaki & Nowi) to the Hot Springs~

  • Sisyphe

    Don’t other tapping games usually give you the option to tap through a whole song? I mean, I’m glad that’s not the default, but I can only listen to the first 15 seconds or so of a song for so long, especially for something like Twilight of the Gods, which has a rather long intro itself. Wind Across the Plains is just preference; I just prefer the later part of the song.

    • Diovani Estivalet

      The only way to hear more than 15-20 seconds is playing in hard mode, so the level is longer.

      • Sisyphe

        That’s what I figured, but even hard mode barely gets me into the songs. The last one had Twilight cut off abruptly, and at least through 40 floors, we haven’t hit the flourish in Wind Across the Plains either. Too bad, I guess.

        • Laggalot101

          You can listen to the full song by touching the music-note icon before going into a stage. But then, you can’t actually play tap battles at the same time as that, unfortunately.

        • Diovani Estivalet

          Would be cool if Tap Battle has a endless mode, where you play it with only 1 (or 3) heart(s) until you fail, and have some quests like “get a 50 combo in endless mode”.

          • Kneekicker

            That kind of quest would only be appreciated if IS fixes the combo system, since it’s extremely picky on what does and doesn’t break combos. TB’s combo system is downright awful in comparison to genuine mobile rhythm games like School Idol Festival and Bandori.

    • Shenai

      Play with the sound off?

      • Probably the best option, I can’t remember when I last had sound on in this game in general.

        • Shenai

          Me neither.

  • Tap Battle makes me wish they’d add a sound room so I could just listen to the music on its own.

  • Sentinel

    I’d just wish they would at least change up the ending scene at Floor 100. Seriously, it can’t be that hard.